Another Inspirational LOVE Story

I am working with a private client right now who has a  such a beautiful love story that I asked her if she would share it with you. Here’s Alyssa’s story… I recently began dating a man that I met about 7 years ago.  When I first met him, he was my massage therapist, and […]

The Revolutionary truth about LOVE

An amazing woman, who I have a total ‘girl crush’ on, Danielle LaPorte asked this question today: What do you want to revolutionize? She asks a lot of great questions, but this is the first one that has me fired up, lit up and ready to shout out what I want to revolutionize! I want […]

Valentine’s Day Hangups

Here’s a reprint of an article I wrote for Finer Minds last year. See the original article here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Until I married my husband, I always dreaded Valentine’s Day. If I were with someone, it never lived up to my expectations…. Valentine’s Day always seemed to highlight the flaws in the relationship – like the […]

Radiant and Raw

Radiant and Raw? No this is not a new diet. Or maybe it is… What if feeling your rawness is a key ingredient to being radiant? And what if being radiant is a key ingredient in attracting that partner who will meet you in your soul? After getting settled here in Bali with everything it’s […]

Intro to Bali

This is an excerpt from some writing I did when I first arrived in Bali. I promised you awhile ago to continue with the conversation of masculine and feminine. And writing about and from the feminine includes vulnerability. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is and sharing feminine vulnerability. Watching my heart beat […]

Divine Masculine

Last night I sat in a room filled with men who are cultivating the Divine Masculine. Men who are anchored in their hearts – men who are anchored in their MASCULINITY It was a beautiful thing to witness, to be a part of, to soften into. It was the welcoming home ceremony for MEN and […]

Addicted to your process?

I know my next post was supposed to be more on the masculine and feminine and I’ll come back to it. I promise. There’s been something else that’s also been on my mind a lot lately. It’s the idea of being ‘addicted to your process’. You know what I mean? Continuing to hash and rehash […]

Attracting a Masculine Man

So many women share with me how they want a “real man” not a boy. We want a man who is Masculine AND Loving. Strong AND Open. As my husband Craig teaches men to do – we want a man who brings his balls and his heart together… Mmmmhhhmmmm. YES! That’s the kind of man […]

Receiving v. Hoarding

Most people who know me think I am really good at receiving. I take baths. I go for long walks by myself. I receive amazing healing work. I eat beautiful organic food. I have a husband who is very present and loves me very much. And yet I am often left unsatisfied. Do you ever […]

How did your retreat go?

I have been asked this question quite a lot this past week. Last weekend I led The Attract Your Soulmate Weekend at an incredible retreat center in the mountains of Santa Barbara. How did it go? For me, it felt like a huge exhale, like coming home. Sitting in a circle of women in a […]