I’m so glad you’re here! We have an amazing group of women enrolled in this program, and I know that your combined energy will be incredibly powerful!

My intention for Aligned with Love is to give you a safe place to stay in consistent connection with your inner light. To create a community of like minded women, to support each other in living life from our most divine place – in resonance with love that resides within us.

As you cultivate this powerful connection, the relationships that show up for you in your external world reflect this higher vibration. Inner love creates more outer love.

*Welcome to a new paradigm living Aligned with Love.*

I’m so looking forward to dropping in deep on this journey with all of you!
Love and Light,

On this page you’ll find all the information for the program.

If you have any technical or support questions at all, please email Caitlin at [email protected].

For scheduling personal sessions or to contact me directly, email [email protected].