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Addicted to your process?

pills addicted to process

I know my next post was supposed to be more on the masculine and feminine and I’ll come back to it. I promise.

There’s been something else that’s also been on my mind a lot lately.

It’s the idea of being ‘addicted to your process’. You know what I mean? Continuing to hash and rehash your childhood, your divorce, the acne you had in junior high. We as a society are addicted to processing. Addicted to going in and digging up ‘the what’ and ‘the why’ we are the way we are. The story of what’s happened to us and the effect.

The other side of this coin of course is ‘spiritual bypassing’. The art of ignoring all of our story and just skipping right to the bliss. When we watch The Secret or listen to too much Abraham/Hicks we can drop into this state. Spiritual bypassing doesn’t allow any process – for fear it might lead to a thought that’s not in alignment with our highest intention. And that might keep us from manifesting exactly what we want.

Yes our ‘story’ is important AND yes our thoughts affect what we manifest.

The key is balance. Knowing your ‘story’ enough to move forward. To move through it without getting stuck. Not skipping it altogether for the sake of not wanting to feel anything ‘negative’.

AND being willing to go ‘story-less’ and drop into who you’re really here to be.

So what does that look like? For starters it’s checking in and asking – do I know my story? Am I intimately familiar with my patterns, my hardships, with the experiences that have made me who I am?

Basically if you’ve ever been in therapy, you’ve probably got this down.

The next question is: Am I stuck in my story? Do I still blame my dad because I don’t have a good relationship with men? Am I still hung up on the guy who cheated on me in college? Is my mom’s alcoholism still holding me back? Do I keep digging in deeper and processing more? Is it more about what happened to me than what I can do to heal it?

I have definitely been in both categories. Spiritually bypassing first, of course, because that was the easier route. ‘Just think positive thoughts and it’ll all heal’.

Then realizing that the patterns just weren’t changing. That I did need to dig in and get to know my story. The truth of it. I needed to process all the childhood stuff in order to understand myself, especially in regards to being a mother and a wife.

And when that happened… yes, I got stuck for awhile.

I got stuck in the blame… In the victim energy…. In the anger….

Coming out the other side has been quite a transformation. Bringing the spiritual healing online with the ‘story’. Merging both parts. The talk therapy and the energetics. I’ve found, through my own personal experience and with the clients I see – it’s the combination that serves us best.

So ask yourself. Where do I tend to fall? Leaning toward processing my stuff over and over. Or skipping it all together – sure if I read enough Ekhart Tolle, it’ll all be all right.

Whaddya say – should we find a way to come back to the middle?