Hi, I’m Liesel Rigsby, The Energetic Matchmaker. I’ve helped women around the world find their perfect partner by using the exact system I used to manifest my own soulmate, my awesome husband Craig (that’s him in the picture).

I developed this system the hard way. Through 15 years of bad relationships, I morphed myself into a grunge rocker, a sailor, a surfer – trying to make myself into what he wanted. I totally lost myself in the process and found myself 20 pounds overweight, smoking cigarettes and numbing out on sugar. All this to stay in

a relationship that wasn’t serving me, because I was afraid to go to five weddings in one year, alone. In the end, I was left wondering who I was and convinced I would never be with my soulmate.

So I swore off men.

I decided to be alone for the first time in my life and began my own spiritual journey. I was guided to explore intuitive and energetic healing, and through this discovered my own gifts as a healer. I started to energetically clear my own blocks, bring back my own radiance, and learned a sacred process to manifest my beloved.

Finally I was ready. One cold April day, I sat wrapped in a blanket on the beach and called in my soulmate. Six weeks later I went on my first date with my husband Craig.

At our wedding, 5 of my 12 closest girlfriends realized they had all manifested their soulmate with my help. It has become my life’s work to help women around the world call in and deeply connect with their True Partner.

More about Liesel Rigsby…
Liesel holds a Master’s in Education and a B.A. in psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara. After a seven year tenure as a college professor she realized that her true gift was in the healing arts. She holds certifications in multiple healing modalities including Reiki and Pranic Healing. Since 2001, she has been guiding women on their spiritual and healing journeys and helping them find their greatest joy. She currently lives in Bali with her husband Craig and their daughter Melia.