Soulmate School – 6 Weeks to Fall into Love (Course)

You’re open, available, and ready for love now… but it’s just not working. There’s a key piece that you’re missing. Other love experts aren’t talking about it and it’s at the heart of Soulmate School. In this 6 part program you’ll learn how to clear the subconscious blocks that are keeping love away, make energetic space for your future partner, allow love in, understand men in a deeper way and shine your radiance so you can be a vibrational match for the kind of man you’re looking for. If you’re ready to meet the Mr. Right – this course is for you.

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Healing Your Heart (Course)

I see it time and time again – a woman who truly yearns for more love, but has a protective wall around to keep from getting hurt. The problem is this wall also keeps love OUT. The most effective way to heal your heart is with intuitive and energetic healing – these powerful tools are much less painful and so much easier than any other method I’ve found. Learn to release shame, forgive yourself and others, gently and safely open your heart, and expand your love quotient. Let down the walls and let love in.Learn more

Into the Flow (Course)

You know that feeling when you are “in the flow” – life just seems easier. Things you want show up, relationships improve, and there’s a whole lot more joy and radiance emanating from you. Let me show you how to get there easily and simply. In this course you’ll learn how to connect with your own divine essence, release fear and align with trust, connect with and build your intuition, and use powerful manifestation techniques and practices to create a fabulous life!

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Body Love Embrace (Course)

90% of women report that they hate their bodies so I designed this course to help you become part of the 10% – a woman who actually feels good in her body. You may be thinking ‘there’s no way my body is lovable the way it is’. Learn how to clear out ancestral patterns, cultural bias and shame, shift your limiting beliefs, heal old wounds, and shine the inner radiance that is the TRUTH of your beauty. Perception is everything. It’s time for the sexy, radiant you to come out to play.

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Private Sessions

are for you if you are a woman who…

  • feels the things described in Soulmate School above and is ready to go deeper
  • Is truly ready to transform
  • Already knows your own ‘story’ and you’re willing to let the parts that don’t serve you go
  • Is financially sound and ready to fully commit to yourself
  • Takes full responsibility for your role in creating your own life
  • Is yearning for a deeper connection with the spiritual aspect of yourself

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Free Offerings

The first one is called Embodying You – Trusting Your Feminine Essence.

This Feminine Essence is the part of you that attracts and manifests and
creates what you want in your life. Attracting love is not a mental process.
It’s not about dating strategies and online profiles. It’s about getting into
your body and your heart and being a magnet for deep love.

The second one is called Embodying You – Softening into the Flow.

This call will help you to get in touch with your inner voice so you can hear what’s really true for you. Help you soften into the flow of what’s happening in your body in the moment. And give yourself permission to listen to that guidance and inner wisdom.