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Receiving v. Hoarding

Most people who know me think I am really good at receiving.

I take baths. I go for long walks by myself. I receive amazing healing work. I eat beautiful organic food. I have a husband who is very present and loves me very much.

And yet I am often left unsatisfied. Do you ever feel that way? Like you’ve just had this awesome gift and yet it doesn’t feel complete? Sort of like when I eat an entire bag of cookies and still want more…

I realized that what I’ve been doing is hoarding and not receiving! Like a squirrel putting away nuts for winter – I’ve been gathering up the self-care because “maybe I’ll need it to get me through the winter”.

And if I were to just sit and BE PRESENT and really RECEIVE the gifts – maybe I’d feel satisified? Maybe I’d feel like I didn’t have to keep gathering more for “the hard times ahead”?

So I’m trying out a new way of receiving… First I stop and breathe and get present (the cookie eater does NOT want to do this!). Then I ask myself “am I truly receiving the gifts of this moment?”. It can be as simple as receiving an inhale or the sunshine or the universe filling me with love.

I’ve noticed that when I am present to this new way of being, when I see the polarity of the hoarder versus the receiver, I am slower, calmer and easier with myself.

Really learning that BEING truly is RECEIVING.