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Intro to Bali

bali temple ocean

This is an excerpt from some writing I did when I first arrived in Bali. I promised you awhile ago to continue with the conversation of masculine and feminine. And writing about and from the feminine includes vulnerability.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is and sharing feminine vulnerability. Watching my heart beat faster as I publicly let go of another ‘mask’… Here it goes:


Masculine. Feminine.

Which one leads? Which one is dominant? Which one runs your life?

If you were able to place the masculine and the feminine on the scale which would be heavier in your life at this moment?
Wow – noticing how my stream of thought writing is feeling constricted by the knowing that I am reading this in front of the group. The masculine “perfectionist” in me wants to be sure it sounds good. While the feminine is saying just flow… just flow… just flow…

So which is “heavier” now?


Feel your body Liesel

Breathe again.
Allow the flow of the feminine. Allow the music. The nature. The heat to soften you. To ease you into this new experience in this new place. To write for yourself and not for an audience.

Allow your body to soften now.

Breathe again. Deep and slow. Almost brings up tears.

Such a contrast to the push to the direction to the masculine energy it took to pack up my life, to pack up my family, to leave behind my sisters, and move here to this beautiful FEMININE island. This place where flow is required. Where pushing feels like pushing against air or water. Only falling into myself in frustration when I try to push here.

So now breathe.
Allow the flow.

This is what you came here for. To slow down. to allow. to receive. to soften. to live in the feminine. To Live the Feminine. To live a scandalous life of slowness ease and grace.

Tears again. Breathe.

Allow the feminine to be heavier. Trust it. Surrender to it.

Remember what he said. Everything just works here. Remember how true that is when you flow with the energy of life. When you allow the Universe to guide you to take care of you. When you trust in God’s plan for your life and the KNOWING that home is here for now.

For now. Be in the now. Allow the present moment to be all you need.

Give the pusher, the planner, the perfectionist, the worrier and the frightened child a day off. Let them rest too.

Buy a hammock. Today. That will help. Yes buy a hammock today.

Dance. Sing. Move your body in the divine feminine rhythm that is nature that is life. Allow the nature here to touch you so deeply. To touch your heart to touch you in the dark frightened places inside.

More tears.

Allow the people here to warm your heart. To teach you about God. To guide you into reverence. Reverence for nature as God. Reverence for the divine mother for the divine feminine.

Watching now as the inner critic wants to have a say. “Are you really going to read this aloud to strangers?” she says. “You need to edit it first. You might even cry”.

Just keep going. Stay open stay soft.

Breathe. In and Out. Yin and Yang. Masculine and feminine. The masculine has had it’s time. So much time. Most of a lifetime. Let’s allow HER to be heavier now. Let’s allow the softness to ease the tightness.

Let’s allow the heart to guide the mind.

Let’s bring the creative back online. Please. Let’s be creative just for the sake of it. Let’s write a song about all the feelings you are having about your life right now. About this HUGE leap of faith you have just taken.

Let’s write a song about love and sisterhood. Let’s write a song about that beautiful man you have at home. Let’s write a song about that fiery little girl who is full of so much LIFE.

Let’s write a song of gratitude to God for this life. For this freedom. For this profound gift.

More tears.
Breathe. In and out.
A moment.