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Radiant and Raw

Radiant and Raw?
No this is not a new diet.

Or maybe it is…

What if feeling your rawness is a key ingredient to being radiant? And what if being radiant is a key ingredient in attracting that partner who will meet you in your soul?

After getting settled here in Bali with everything it’s entailed – days of bliss, days of crying, days of feeling profoundly grateful, days of feeling like what the hell am I doing here… days of feeling like I ‘shouldn’t’ connect with you because it’s all too raw.

Afraid that if I showed up vulnerable, I wouldn’t be radiant. I finally just decided to be real. Just me as I am.

So I wrote a blog post (in case you missed it you can read it here) and I exposed my heart in a way that I’ve never done with you before. It felt really vulnerable for me to do and I almost didn’t share it. But I did.

Wow. Am I glad.

When I read so many beautiful responses – it brought me to tears. Thank you. From my heart. thank you.

“Woah tingles… something gives… expansion… deep joy… peace… rolling teardrops… humbled… gratitude. Yes, deep gratitude.”

“When I read your piece I give myself permission to seek out my feminine and be vulnerable too.”

“I want to be in this river of flow and ripeness where love and tenderness and feminine meet the divine…thank you”
“this energy of slow tender actions is emerging in me at this time too…”

There’s something ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ among all of us right now. I felt it in myself. I heard it mirrored so beautifully in your responses.

It’s emerging in each of us and when we acknowledge it out loud and share it with each other, it grows and gives us courage to be in our vulnerability. To see our vulnerability as part of our radiance.

What if we are becoming a circle of women who can show up raw and radiant?

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

What if showing up raw in this way is the key to radiance? What if showing up in this raw, real way wakes up your Heart?

What if waking up your heart is the key to bringing in Love?

What if we discover together that showing up in all of it – your clarity and your questions, your deep knowing and your nagging doubts – all of it is the key to opening your heart to Love?

You can feel the knowing that you deserve a great man while at the same time doubt that it’s ever going to happen for you.

You can be real and be loved for it.

What if you were to let go of staying militantly positive all the time? Acknowledge the fear that if you have a negative thought the ‘law of attraction’ won’t work?

It’s actually ok to feel the fear and the doubt. To name it. When it comes out of the shadows, it’s not so scary.

When we admit our fear it has less power over us. Less ability to create unconscious sabotage. I’ve seen it over and over again with my private clients. When you look at the fear and express it, it loses it’s hold over you and makes space for more Love, more Radiance to flow in.

When you feel your vulnerability your heart can’t help but open.

We can feel it all – and through it all – know that we are always connected to Source. Always connected to Love. Even when we are lost in our fear and doubt – Love (with a capital L) is still there.

So go ahead feel what you feel. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Let yourself be raw. What happens when you do?

Please leave a comment and tell me what it feels like.