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Another Inspirational LOVE Story

I am working with a private client right now who has a  such a beautiful love story that I asked her if she would share it with you. Here’s Alyssa’s story…

I recently began dating a man that I met about 7 years ago.  When I first met him, he was my massage therapist, and I was always drawn to his energy. He was married at the time, so I never gave it much thought. After he closed his business and went back into mainstream business, we lost touch for awhile, and then reconnected through Facebook. Occasionally we would comment on one another’s posts, or send an email. A few months back, his “status” changed to “single”, and I considered contacting him to see how he was doing, but figured he would be flooded with questions and decided to hold off.

This was right at the same time that I started Soulmate School and began my private coaching with Liesel.

And then a week later, I received an email from him.

He had seen an old, online dating profile that I had posted, and then never really did anything with.  He heard an ad from the site, and decided to check it out, although he didn’t really intend on dating yet.

After he filled out his profile information, my profile came up as a match, so he contacted me.

We emailed for a few weeks, and decided to meet for dinner to “catch up” after not seeing each other for 5 years. The moment I saw him in the restaurant, I recalled how peaceful and calming his energy is to me. Insecurities came up that I was not spiritual enough for him – other than teachers, I had never met anyone with his degree of clarity on the world, an understanding of how energy works, or the ability to read another’s energy.

I just tried to put this out of mind, pulled in my reference points (learned in Soulmate School), and came into the present.

By the end of dinner, he asked if we could date.

As it turns out, he had always been attracted to me, but was never in a position to do anything about it.

We had three dates in that first week. On the day of the third, he kissed me “hello” and pulled away with tears in his eyes.

When I asked what the tears were about, he replied, “It must be all of that heart opening work you are doing.”

That third date lasted for 26 hours. In that first week, I shared more with him than I shared with men that I dated for several years.  We connected over stories from our childhood, and our dreams for the future. We discussed our previously unfulfilled relationships, our insecurities, and what we wanted to have with a partner.

We had spiritual discussions, which I never imagined I would have with a man.

I kept my heart open, and my energy intact, and he responded to it. 

Then, I was off to vacation by myself on the other side of the world for 12 days. Throughout my trip, he was supportive.  When I became ungrounded and scared of traveling all alone, he reminded me to ground myself and to come back to my heart center and appreciate this magnificent place that I was visiting. When I was excited about my experiences, he listened, and he was excited for me. When I had free time, we talked for hours over the phone. He marveled at how “in the present” I am, how uncomplicated I am, and when he asked if he could tune into my energy, he told me that he could see that all I wanted was to be loved.

When I was on my way home, I spoke to him from a layover at 10:00pm, and he told me to cancel my car service, because he would pick me up from the airport. He met me at 1:00 am, flowers in hand.

That was the night we first said that we loved each other

He tells me that I am loveable, and that I deserve to be loved.

He tells me that I am beautiful and special.

These are all things that are in my daily affirmations that came out of my work with Liesel, and except for sharing with him that I never really felt that I deserved to be loved, he picked up the rest on his own.

He tells me that he has never felt as completely loved – for all of the shadows and the light – as he has since he has been with me.

Every day that we are together, tears come to his eyes at least once. He says simply that it is “Bliss”. I’ve started tearing up, as well.

I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

He is so much more than I ever expected to have in a partner, and I cannot wait to see where this path leads us!


Please tell me what you think! Does this renew your faith? Do you have an inspirational love story to share? Please share in the comments below.