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The Revolutionary truth about LOVE

Love is a revolution

An amazing woman, who I have a total ‘girl crush’ on, Danielle LaPorte asked this question today:

What do you want to revolutionize?

She asks a lot of great questions, but this is the first one that has me fired up, lit up and ready to shout out what I want to revolutionize!

I want to revolutionize the way women seek love

Women are taught from a very young age what you need to look like, be like, act like, dress like, in order to get a man… aka be loved.

And so you run around like crazy trying to be ‘perfect’. Hiding all your faults and flaws so he’ll notice you, want you, like you, love you.

It’s crazy making.

And guess what – it doesn’t work. All of this external BS does not bring in love. Not the real, feel it in your heart, tears in your eyes, overwhelmed with gratitude kind of Love with a capital L.

The way to that kind of LOVE is to know yourself as the Juicy Divine Radiant Being that YOU ARE.

Fall madly. in love. with yourself.

Be so enamored with you that you can’t wait to spend time with yourself.

The most profound, fabulous and effective way to seek Love is to let go of all of that marketing hype about what you need to be externally and create an Internal Reality that Love can’t help totally falling for.

Yes, that internal reality may have some cobwebs, it may be dark and sticky, it may even be downright terrifying at first.

Take a light and shine it in there anyway. Start to explore. Go on an adventure to find out: what are you afraid of, what makes you feel totally naked and vulnerable? Once you start to know the answers to these questions you are on the right path.

Love is not about being perfect. It’s about finding your imperfections and bringing them to the surface, knowing them, loving them. Because when your vulnerabilities are hidden from you, they subconsciously sabotage the hell out of you.

When you know what you’re afraid of and what your negative self talk says to you trying to protect you from those fears, then that dark sticky stuff doesn’t take up nearly as much space in your internal reality.

And when you start to clean out the closet to make room for more of the real you, more of your divine ESSENCE is allowed to shine through.

And guess what? Your Essence will bring you Love. Guaranteed.

When you feel the truth of who you are as a radiant being of love and light. When you know yourself as the JUICY Goddess that YOU ARE… Love can’t help but be divinely head over heals gaga attracted to you.

I promise.

So just dig in a bit. Allow the imperfection. Bring it on up for air.

The revolutionary truth is: LOVE is what’s underneath it all.