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How did your retreat go?

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I have been asked this question quite a lot this past week.

Last weekend I led The Attract Your Soulmate Weekend at an incredible retreat center in the mountains of Santa Barbara.

How did it go?

For me, it felt like a huge exhale, like coming home.

Sitting in a circle of women in a magical place – that alone is wonderful! Then to have such a present group of women… the way these 10 women held space for each other, listened to each other, supported each other, LOVED each other really blew me away! Most of them had never met before and by the end of the weekend they were sisters.

Sisters coming home to themselves.

Sisters connecting with the divine in themselves and in each other.

Women reclaiming their joy and radiance.

Women falling in love – with themselves!

How did it go?

There aren’t words.

I am in deep, deep gratitude and feel so amazingly blessed.