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Receiving v. Hoarding

Most people who know me think I am really good at receiving. I take baths. I go for long walks by myself. I receive amazing healing work. I eat beautiful organic food. I have a husband who is very present and loves me very much. And yet I am often left unsatisfied. Do you ever […]

How did your retreat go?

I have been asked this question quite a lot this past week. Last weekend I led The Attract Your Soulmate Weekend at an incredible retreat center in the mountains of Santa Barbara. How did it go? For me, it felt like a huge exhale, like coming home. Sitting in a circle of women in a […]

Radiance & Juiciness just for you!

Our culture is great at telling us how to be feminine and sexy “Wear this, use this product, eat this, and you will be prettier, younger, sexier…then you can get a man.” I have an idea. What if we as women decide to be feminine, sexy, radiant – juicy even – just for ourselves. Just […]

A Good Start

People often assume when they meet my husband Craig that I have always had “great” relationships. It’s actually far from true (apologies to any of my exes reading this). I spent almost all of my time from age 15 to 32 in relationships, but none them were great, in fact the long term ones were […]