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From Masculine to Feminine

Ever feel like you are in masculine ‘get it done’ energy all of the time? Like the to do list in your head never ends? Our culture is so caught up in keeping our minds busy. Always having something to do and think about. And yet if you want to connect with your feminine wisdom […]

Alone in the dark, facing my fear

I did something last Saturday night that I was really afraid to do. I slept alone under the stars in the wilderness. I love camping and being outside but when the invitation came to do this vision quest it really scared me… and so I knew I had to do it. As we were heading […]

Grateful for hips and thighs

We are officially in holiday time, the time of year to be grateful. In the U.S. this week, we sit at tables full of food and share what we’re thankful for. And yet I’ve never heard any woman give thanks for her hips. Or her thighs. Or her butt. Now it may not be the […]

Can you have more than one soulmate?

This question for You and Me on Love comes from Pocatello, Idaho. The question is: “can you have more than one soulmate?”. My answer is controversial in the love world. Many people believe that there is only one love for you out there and that you can’t have more than one soulmate. So if he’s come […]

How to get more from a man

Do you often wonder how to get more from a man? This question for You and Me on Love comes from Dubai. “How do I get a man to invest more in a relationship?”   When you find yourself in a situation where you feel like we are not getting enough from the man you’re dating, it […]

Can an old lover come back into your life as a new lover?

This question for You and Me on Love comes from Bangladesh. Can an old lover come back in? Is it healthy? Can it work? I’ll tell  you how…   How about you? Have you had an old lover come back into your life? Has it been healthy for you? Do you think it’s possible? Please […]

How to be energetically magnetic to Mr. Right

This is the third and final video that I shot with Craig on our ten year wedding anniversary in Bali this past month. In this short video I share an energetic tool to make you more magnetic and connected to the right man. What do you think? Will it work for you? You willing to […]

Radiance… is beauty internal or external?

Here’s the second insight I had while Craig and I were away in the south of Bali celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. He gave me a compliment that surprised me and made me really think about inner vs. outer beauty. To find out what one (really amazing 😉 quality man finds attractive watch this […]

Is your masculine energy affecting your love life?

My husband Craig and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in the south of Bali. We had an amazing time together, reconnecting and enjoying each other. AND on that trip I had a big shift in our dynamics. In years past, when we’ve gone away, I would have been the one to book the hotel, research the restaurants, plan the […]

Perfect Life = Perfect Guy?

I’ve started a new video series called You & Me on Love. I’ve received a ton of your burning questions on love and relationships and now I’m going to answer them for you! This first question comes from Holyoke, Massachusetts. “Does everything in my life have to be perfect before I can meet the perfect […]