The Energetic Matchmaker, Liesel Rigsby
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Radiance & Juiciness just for you!

Our culture is great at telling us how to be feminine and sexy “Wear this, use this product, eat this, and you will be prettier, younger, sexier…then you can get a man.”

I have an idea.

What if we as women decide to be feminine, sexy, radiant – juicy even – just for ourselves. Just for the fun of dancing with the feminine. Just to play in it. Just for the joy of radiance.

Not for a man but for us.

It’s happening. It almost feels like a revolution – definitely a reclamation. Goddess playshops, women’s dance tribes, glitter, feathers, wings – and no men invited. We are reclaiming our divine feminine nature in order to nurture ourselves.

To be sexy on the inside.

To be sensual for the sake of pleasure.

To be in love with ourselves.

Yes, all of this will attract a man…but that is the icing on the cake – not the purpose.

Play with the feminine. Dress up with your girlfriends. Wear glitter and bindhis for fun. It can change your life – I know from first hand experience… it’s brings in the feminine bliss!