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A conversation with 2 bachelors

I was at a party recently at Hubud, which is a really hip happening co-working space here in Ubud, Bali (where I’m living right now). The party was full of creative and interesting people from all over the world. And right at the beginning of the night I met 2 smart, funny and successful single […]

The story I’ve never told…

We all have the “public story” and then we have the REAL story, right? The part that feels comfortable to share with strangers and the story that you tell only to your closest girlfriends. Like the public story that says, “Yes, I’m divorced” and the private story that says “He cheated on me with my […]

Fall into Love

I’m doing an experiment right now. I’m practicing total trust for 6 months. It started from a conversation with my friend Kim before my last workshop in January. She asked me “have you got all of your content ready for the weekend?” And when I said, “no” She said “aren’t you freaking out it’s just […]

Morgana and Devin’s Love Story

UPDATE Morgana and Devin are now happily married! Here’s a photo of him carrying her up the traditional 99 steps in Slovenia.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here’s another Inspirational Love Story for you! Morgana shared her story with me over the phone from her home in Los Angeles. Here are excerpts from our conversation the other day: […]

How to love what you’re ashamed of

A while ago I taught an intimate workshop about opening your heart fully to receive the gift of love. One of the most powerful exercises had to do with the parts we’re ashamed of in ourselves. Past actions, personality traits, parts that we don’t want other people to know about or see. The things that […]

Rachel & Tak’s Love Story

  Here’s another Inspirational Love Story to inspire you for 2013! Rachel shared her story with me over the phone from Chicago. Before I started Soulmate School and working with you, I had been single for a couple of years. I was at a point where I really wanted a relationship, but it wasn’t happening. […]

Is there a wall around your heart?

Is what you’re yearning for in love out of alignment with your heart’s protective wall? Did you know you had a wall around your heart at all? Watch this quick video to see if you do, and how it affects your love life. Be sure to watch to the end because I have an exciting […]

M & J’s Inspirational Love Story

I just spoke with a former client about her beautiful relationship and she agreed to share her story with you. What I love about M’s story is that she didn’t know right away that J was the one. She took her time, stayed true to herself and explored the relationship before jumping in completely. M […]

Love yourself FIRST?

“You have to love yourself first before you can really love someone else.” You’ve heard that one right? Well I call Bullshit. It’s utterly untrue. And you know it too. Yeah, maybe you don’t totally love yourself, but you have absolutely and completely loved HIM. You’ve been head over heals with him. TOTALLY into him. […]

Releasing Fear’s Controlling Grip

Fear is a controlling S.O.B. don’t you think? It sneaks up on you and grabs you and all of a sudden you’re consumed. Consumed with thoughts and worries running through your head. What if I get married too late to have children? What if the man I love falls for another woman? What if I […]