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The story I’ve never told…

We all have the “public story” and then we have the REAL story,

The part that feels comfortable to share with strangers and the
story that you tell only to your closest girlfriends.

Like the public story that says, “Yes, I’m divorced” and the private
story that says “He cheated on me with my best friend”.

Or the public “I grew up in a bit of a dysfunctional family” to the
private, “My dad was a violent alcoholic”.

We tend to want to hide the more traumatic parts.

The parts that aren’t so palatable or easy for people to hear.

When people ask me how I became the Energetic Matchmaker,
I usually share the “public” story.

I tell them about my own relationship
history, about doing healing work, about coaching women and creating Soulmate School.

And all of that is very real and true.

But I’ve been keeping a part of my story from you.

The traumatic part.

The part that people find the hardest to hear.

And yet as it can be with big trauma, it’s also been my most profound gift.

So I decided to tell the story live in an interview with my friend Lisa Berkovitz
for her Project Sweet Spot Series.

You can watch the interview above.


I’d love your feedback. How has a trauma shifted your life? What gift have
you found in it? How has it broken your heart open?