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Morgana and Devin’s Love Story


Morgana and Devin are now happily married! Here’s a photo of him carrying her up the traditional 99 steps in Slovenia.




Here’s another Inspirational Love Story for you! Morgana shared her story with me over the phone from her home in Los Angeles. Here are excerpts from our conversation the other day:


You know Liesel, I’m really happy, just happy. Yesterday was my sixth month anniversary!

I’ve been looking forward to this call all day because now I have an opportunity to just talk about how happy I am and how wonderful Devin is.

Before Devin

I was in such a dark place when I first started working with you. You know what a really dark despair I was in.

I mean I was just desperate.

I’ve taken every class, read every book, and I have worked on myself. If it can be done, I’ve done it.

I’m attractive, smart, funny and successful. And so freaking what? My heart just kept getting broken over and over.

So I finally just gave up and decided “screw it, this dating thing is too much work.”

I kept out of it for years, and just read romance novels.

On one hand, the pain finally went away, and I stopped even longing or caring or wanting a relationship (while I’m reading all these romance novels right?). But then part of me felt like I was asleep and I wasn’t fully living.

So I decided to finally start dating again and I met this great guy who was handsome and smart. I totally fell in love with him. He was the first person that I had such strong feelings for in about 10 years.

But he didn’t love me. He really liked me and wanted to continue dating, but with no love that was a deal breaker for me. I felt that I would be setting myself up for a deeper heartbreak. I’d tasted what I wanted for the first time in a long time and giving up the dream was the most painful experience of my life.

And I ended up really stuck on that guy months and months after it was over. I was obsessing over him and just could not move on.

That’s when you and I started working together, Liesel. You really shifted things, and gave me hope. I got so much from your Soulmate School. It helped open things up and I was able to finally clear my ex out.

Meeting Devin

And so then I got to a really confident place and started online dating again.

I’ve been designing my business for this dream that in 2013 I’d be travelling the world with my guy. So in my online dating profile, I shared my dream of a life of travel with my guy. I said, this is who you are and this is who I am and this is my fantasy. I wake up in your arms in these amazing places and we make love, and then we check our email.

So I described my fantasy, and this guy calling himself “Travel Guy” writes back.

But his headshot was awful (laughs). And so I didn’t respond to him for over a month. Then I got around to looking at his other photos and deep in his photos there were one or two that showed that he actually might be cute. So I wrote him back.

We had a great conversation and made a date.

I actually had low expectations. In fact, I was shooting videos for a friend 40 miles away, and I was fighting through two and a half hours of traffic to get to the date. I didn’t even get to stop at home.

And then I walk in and meet this guy, whoever he is, and I think wow he’s actually really cute!

We talked for six hours – definitely worth a second date.

On the second date he took me to The Griffith Park Observatory and he was so funny. We were looking at the stars, and he was making up really funny lies about science. He’d even packed sandwiches. We had a really good time.

I was still dating a couple of other guys who looked really good on paper, but Devin was special in a lot of unexpected ways. So, even though I was a little fearful and anxious, when he asked me to be exclusive after 11 or 12 dates, I said yes. And I am so grateful I did!

The List

He has fulfilled all of my must haves on my list. He’s my age. He’s smart. He’s local. He loves to travel. He’s sensitive but he still has that really strong masculine core that lets me feel soft, feminine, safe and turned on.

And he also fulfilled all of these extra bonuses like he cooks and plays guitar. And he builds things. He’s kind of like this 1950s guy who can chop wood, build fences, and fix sinks. For my birthday present, he is going to lay down a new floor for me in my kitchen, because I hate the old Linoleum that came with my place. How hot is that?!

Even things that I thought I didn’t want, like his having a child are actually in his case pluses for me. I thought that being with a guy with kids might be a problem, but it’s actually turned out to be a lovely thing.

Part of what I love about him is what a good dad he is. He is the most loving and devoted father. It shows me what kind of a person he is.

And since I’m 46, and probably not going to be making any babies I love that he doesn’t need that from me. He already has that. And I get to enjoy how much he loves her.

He says “I love you”

He first told me he loved me on New Year’s day.

We were snuggling in bed in the morning, which is such a nice way to start a year. He asked me what I was thinking about. I started telling him about a closet off of my bedroom that I want to redo. And then I ask what are you thinking? And he says, I’m thinking that I love you. I think that is so romantic.

Even though I’m really gaga, happy in love and I’m enjoying it. I’m also paying attention to who he is, how he lives his life, how he treats people, and how he deals with difficulty.

And I have to say I’m really impressed by Devin as a human being. I feel like he is really a person worth investing in and seeing things through.

He is such a great guy in part because he’s not perfect. He’s human and he has realistic expectations of a relationship. He promises me that he is going to mess up. He promises me that there going to be messy times.

And he promises me that we will work it out.

This relationship is so much better than any relationship I have ever had. I’ve dated some awful guys, and I’ve dated some wonderful guys. This guy is the best guy!


Morgana Rae is a best selling author and a pioneer in the field of relationship with money

Devin is a travel entrepreneur 


What do you think? How does this story make you feel? Does it give you more hope? Does it make you think about finally getting over your ex? Reconsider a man with kids? Please share in the comments below!