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Is your masculine energy affecting your love life?

My husband Craig and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in the south of Bali.

We had an amazing time together, reconnecting and enjoying each other. AND on that trip I had a big shift in our dynamics.

In years past, when we’ve gone away, I would have been the one to book the hotel, research the restaurants, plan the trip.

I thought I was ‘better’ at it. He wouldn’t ‘do it right’. And yet the whole time, I would feel resentful that he wasn’t the one making the plan.

Then we shifted into a period of time where he made the plans, but I would stand over his shoulder while he did, making ‘suggestions’.

Sound familiar?

Energetically I really wanted him to be in the masculine energy, but I didn’t trust enough to actually let go of control long enough for him to do it.

In my private coaching, I often meet women who really want a masculine man but yet don’t know how to turn off their own masculine energy long enough to attract him.

As women we spend so much time in our “get it done energy” that sometimes it can be hard to turn that off and soften into the feminine.

And since ‘opposites attract’ when a woman isn’t in her softness she can tend to attract a man with more of a boyish Peter Pan energy than a man who stands in his open-hearted, masculine energy.

On our trip, Craig made all of the plans and I stayed out of it. He held the masculine and I held the feminine. This combo was a huge part of our amazing weekend together.

Watch this video to hear about how I shifted (sorry for the sound quality, spontaneous video shoot) 🙂