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Learn 5 essential tools to making space for love.

Happy Love Day


Whaddya say we reclaim Valentine’s Day from Hallmark and the trademark idea of what love’s supposed to look ?

Let’s instead declare it as a day to celebrate the powerful current of Love that flows within you – in every. single. moment.

It’s there whether you’re in a relationship or not. It’s there whether you’re happy or not.

It’s there even when you don’t feel it at all. 

There is a Love within you that has nothing to do with feeling loved by another person. It can’t be taken from you or lost with a broken heart.

This Love is your birthright.

And the more you access it. The more you cultivate it. The more you’ll see that Love reflected in your outer life.

Like attracts like.

The stronger you feel about yourself… The more you cherish yourself. … The time you spend in deep connection and reverence with YOU… is directly reflected in the relationships you call into your life, in how people treat you, in the love you experience receiving from others.

So whether you’re ready to call in your soulmate, or you want to deepen your connection with your current lover – the practice of connecting to this inner love is the key!

So today in honor of Love Day, I have a simple meditation to share with you. It’s just 3 minutes long and it’s a great way to start building your self-love muscle.

Because building your connection to love takes practice. It’s not something you learn to do overnight. It’s something you recommit to each day.

Whether you’ve done this practice with me before or you’re brand new to this meditation, take a few minutes right now to shower yourself with Love.

And if you’re wanting more connection to the light and love that lives within you, head on over to my free meditation page. There’s a bunch of great practices there to bring you into alignment with the Divine Love that you are!