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How to silence your inner critic

When you’re searching for love and haven’t found it yet, the inner critic can get really loud.

It’s that voice inside your head that loves to tell you how you’re screwing up. How you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough… all the things that keep you feeling small and insecure.

To make matters worse, when that voice takes control, it often leads to a downward spiral.

Feeling bad about yourself… then feeling hopeless about attracting love… which leads to more feeling bad about yourself and so on…

Needless to say the inner critic is not your ally when it comes to creating a loving relationship.

So I want to share a simple way to quiet that critical voice down. To show her who’s boss.

This exercise will help you distinguish your inner critic from your inner wisdom – a key step in the direction of love!

How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Watch this short video for a fun and easy tip to silence your inner critic and put her in her place!

Here’s the quick and easy strategy for how to silence your inner critic:

  1. Give her a name – make it fun and descriptive
  2. Give her a persona – what does she look like? what’s her personality?
  3. Really ‘see’ her for who she is – imagine having a conversation with her. Imagine actually hearing her talk to you.
  4. Then when she shows up, thank her for her opinion. Then ask her to go sit in the corner, or out on the curb, or even send her to the moon.

As you separate her from yourself that inner voice and personify it, it’s so much easier to ignore the fault finding part of yourself and hear the true loving part.

My inner critic is named Gertrude. She looks like an old fashioned prison guard. Tight bun, stern face, all in black, combat boots. Whenever she starts talking I can recognize her for who she is and let her know that her influence over me isn’t working…

What does your inner critic look like? I’d love to hear!