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Dear Me

Happy International Women’s Day! I’ve loved watching the Dear Me videos going around and they’ve inspired me to record a video for you to not only give advice to your younger self, but also to help you actually heal that part of you.

For me 13 was a really hard age. I was awkward and insecure with thick glasses, crooked teeth, hair that never ‘feathered’ quite right and homemade clothes that didn’t help the overall image.

Here’s a picture of me in all my 13 year old glory.

Liesel at 13 cropped

I’ve spent a lot of time healing this part of me. Talking to my younger self and giving her the support, love and advice that she needed but didn’t get. It’s been an incredibly powerful transformation for me.

Now when a certain energy of insecurity comes up – usually about not being ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’ enough – I know to drop in and comfort my 13 year old self and that energy quickly shifts.

So I’ve recorded a quick video for you today on how to do just that. How to connect with a younger version of you. To give her what she needed then so you don’t have to keep reliving those old feelings.

What age did you talk to and what did you share with her? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear!