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Angela and Tony’s Love Story

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I just caught up with Angela last week and she shared her love story over the phone with me from her home in Byron Bay, Australia. Angela and Tony got engaged this past August. It’s a great story. Enjoy…


After our work together I was really focusing on myself, on what filled me up and made me happy. I took the pressure off of meeting my guy. I was on my own track and doing what I loved.

I was at a retreat in Bali with Krista Jane (who I’m so thankful introduced me to you) and she asked me, “If you could do anything at all with your life right now, what would you do?”

I told her I would go to a permaculture and raw food retreat that was happening the following month in Hawaii.

And that’s where I met Tony.

He was one of the teachers.

Over the course of the retreat, I found myself checking Tony out. He’s so in his heart. Like a big ball of love, but he’s also so masculine, tall and strong. I observed how he interacted with people. I loved how he held himself and how he was amongst women and men.

He really intrigued me.

I felt present in my body, I loved being in nature and felt totally comfortable with myself.

The work I’d done with you, Liesel, helped me be in my feminine and woman-ness – and to stay in that space around other people. It was a really beautiful space to be in.

One time when Tony and I were hanging out, he asked if I was with a partner and I said, in a slightly flirty way, “No. I’m looking for a good man like yourself.” He told me later that what I had said lit up the desire in him to be honored by a woman.


For over 10 years I’d dated guys who were really poor choices for me. A lot of the time I didn’t even really like them – I just got into a relationship with them because they were interested in me.

I had this desperateness and if anyone showed interest in me, I’d give it a shot.

I’d put up with a lot of shit and then blame myself. I’d go out with the wrong guys, they’d leave me and then I’d spend months thinking I was the one who failed. I was so hard on myself!

My family would even ask, “What are you doing to make all these men leave you?”

I didn’t have a bigger picture to help me energetically create what I wanted in my love life. I understand now that it was my lack of self-love causing me to have all of these bad relationships.

Before I took Soulmate School I didn’t even know that my level of self-love was so low, even in subtle ways. That’s why working with you was so important. It was crucial for me to develop self-love for all of those hidden pockets of me.

And now here I am getting married to the most amazing man!


Over the next few months my friendship with Tony grew. We both live in Australia, but he was up in Byron and I lived in Sydney. I’d lived in Byron for 10 years and his sister lives in Sydney, so we would visit with each other when we were in town. We had so much in common – permaculture, sustainability, living healthy and loving nature. He’s a builder and creates amazing geodesic homes.

One day we went for walk in Sydney, I showed him my favorite tree and we played together and laughed like kids. At one point he put his hand on my back and I felt all of this energy. I felt a bit freaked out but I stayed connected to myself and just noticed it.


I was planning to go to a big festival and he’d mentioned that he might go too. When I got there I thought, oh I’d love to have Tony here. He’s such an amazing guy and he plays beautiful music. So I called him and asked if he was planning to come and I let him know I was looking forward to seeing him.

When I saw him I gave him a big cuddle and I was so excited to see him, but I still wasn’t 100% sure if we were just friends or if it could be more.

A couple of days later, I did something kind of crazy. I said to Tony, “I don’t know about you and me. I can tell there’s something there, but I’m wondering – would you be up for a physical get together? It doesn’t have to mean anything, just a connection.”

It’s only because he’s such a respectful and caring guy, that I had the nerve to say this. I felt so safe with him and I thought it could be a beautiful experience.

That night we had such an incredible connection. We had been dancing all night on the grass to beautiful music, then we spent the evening kissing and sharing each other’s bodies a bit.

I felt so seen and adored.

I’d never been honored like that by a man before. I honestly didn’t expect for it to be so good – it was such a WOW experience!

We spent the next few days interacting, and even though my heart was all in, I still wasn’t certain. I thought, let’s see what happens here and let it all unfold. I wanted to get to know him more.

When I got home we started talking on the phone every day and spending more and more time together.


Before we slept together for the first time, I told him that I wanted my next partner to be my life partner and that I wanted to have a child. I painted a picture of my ideal life, of all my dreams, everything I wanted to create. I didn’t feel at all desperate about losing him. I knew what I wanted in my life and I felt really confident to say it.

He said, “I’d love be able to give you that.”

From then on it was just on. Either he would fly down or I’d fly up to see each other every 2 weeks. Every time he came to visit he’d stop at the flower shop on the way from the airport and bring me roses.


In August, after we’d been together for 8 months, we went to Bali for a vacation. We had an amazing trip and he helped me see it all with new eyes.

Then one night when we were in our hotel, he knelt down next to the bed and opened a little box with a ring in it!

He knew I was a bit put off by marriage because my parents hadn’t worked out, and I’d never felt I needed to be married. So he said to me, “You don’t have to say yes to the getting married part, but I would love to spend the rest of my life with you and this ring is a representation of my dedication and love for you.”

He’d been carrying it around for 2 months waiting for the right time. I’d had a vedic reading that described me wearing a garnet on my finger and so he designed a ring just like that. I love it! It’s unique and it completely resonates with me.

I’ve since gotten over my resistance to marriage and said yes to that part too!

Once we got home, I was able to get a transfer with work because of our relationship and I moved up to Byron in October. I’d always wanted to move back to Byron – I love that universal synchronicity!

I was nearly 39 when I met Tony and at that point I thought that marriage and kids wasn’t going to happen for me. Now here we are engaged to be married and he just had a vasectomy reversal operation done last month!

It has all happened pretty quickly, but it doesn’t feel rushed. It feels really on track, normal and what should be happening. We both feel ready and we know that we want to create a life together.


Even though Tony isn’t the ‘type’ of person physically that I’m used to being attracted to, I find him irresistible now. He’s truly a gorgeous man – body, mind and spirit. If I was to go on first appearances and physical aspects only, I wouldn’t have given him a look in. But now he’s incredibly sexy and attractive to me!

He is older than me (51 to my 39), but I love the maturity and wisdom he brings. He is a real man, and he treats me like a real women.

He is such a pillar of strength for me and I’ve really never had that before in my life – he wants to do everything he can to make me happy. To make us both happy.

For example, when I was getting ready to move, he flew down to Sydney and stayed for a whole week to help me pack up my house. He took care of the removalists (movers) and did it all for me. Even though I was capable of doing it all myself, it felt so good to have a man take care of me like that.

In the past, many men seem to have been threatened by something in me, like they wanted me to be more demure or something. Tony is not like that at all. He’s the most masculine man I’ve been out with and he really wants to honor me as a feminine, strong woman. I feel so freaking safe with this man – he loves me for all of me and wants me to shine!

He is everything I want, and he says I am everything he wants.

Tony is so keen to have the best relationship and life he can have. He wants to read books with me and share experiences. He’s open to everything I bring to him and he’s wide open in listening to me. Of course we have our challenges, and that makes this real and workable. But we are able to work through things knowing we are both on the same page and going in the same direction.

We even listen to your meditations from Soulmate School together – especially the heart expansion meditation. He’s so grateful for your work and this course, I’ve told him all about it.

Tony commented on something early on – he says he feels like I’m really energetically clear, like I haven’t been with any other men. I told him about clearing out past relationships in Soulmate School and he said, “I can fully feel that. I can feel that you’re clear in that area and I can come in as your man and we have this clean connection.”

My connection with Tony is wonderful. I feel I can truly be myself in all ways, and he absolutely loves it. He loves every expression of me. He sees me to the core. He is lit up and excited by me and he says that I have inspired him so much. It feels so amazing to be seen and loved by him.

Tony is everything I want with every cell of my body.


Side note from Liesel:

During our first Soulmate Session on September 12, 2012 Angela described her ideal relationship to me. She gave me permission to share that list with you.

Ideal Relationship: someone who meets me. is not needy. I love being around him, he loves being around me. I feel really seen. he loves who I am as a person. wants to have a family with me. open minded about spirituality. connected with the natural world. fun, exciting and creative. a real man in his masculine energy. I want to show up fully as a woman. feels yummy. we have integrity in ourselves and with other.  ethical and moral. good with money – into creating abundance. fully committed to the relationship, family and community.

Two years later she’s engaged to this man. A strong intention coupled with inner work is incredibly powerful stuff!

How does Angela’s story make you feel? What does it bring up for you? Please share – I’d love to hear!