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Grateful for hips and thighs

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We are officially in holiday time, the time of year to be grateful. In the U.S. this week, we sit at tables full of food and share what we’re thankful for.

And yet I’ve never heard any woman give thanks for her hips.

Or her thighs.

Or her butt.

Now it may not be the most appropriate gratitude to share at the table with your Aunt Margaret and Uncle Harold, but I’m hoping by the end of this email – these body parts will make your internal list of “Wow I beyond grateful for this in my life!”

In our current Love Notes theme of Embodying You for the holidays, we’ve been exploring dropping deeper into the Feminine Essence.

This essence lives in your lower chakras, the lower half of your body. It’s your inner knowing, your sensuality, your power. It’s the incredible wisdom just waiting there for you to tune into.

One really effective way to access this essence is through moving your body. Especially your hips, your butt, your thighs. Those parts that tend to get a lot of negative self talk are the same parts that can bring you a crazy amount of inner connection.

The simple act of dancing slowly and sensually by yourself, for yourself. Feeling your body and turning off your mind – can completely change everything.

And it can bring up a lot too, at least it has for me.

I used to think I didn’t know how to move my hips. I’d see other women dancing freely, wide open with joy, and I’d stand there awkwardly swaying from side to side envying their self expression.

It felt scary to me to try. I felt embarrassed. I was afraid of looking like a fool.

And I think deep down maybe I was afraid of the power I could access if I went there.

Until I started dancing by myself. For myself.

When I first started I would cry. I had no idea why. I just knew I was releasing lots of stuck emotions that had been stored in my hips. And I knew I needed to keep going even when I felt resistant or afraid.

And it’s incredible how much has changed just from this one practice.

I feel more feminine. Softer. More in my body. More trusting and relaxed. My intuition is more tuned in than ever.

And my husband, Craig, can’t get enough of me. ;p

So whether moving your hips is scary or joyful for you, whether it feels easy or hard…please join me from now until the end of the year in this simple feminine practice.

Take 3 minutes a day. Just one song. Close the door. Close your eyes and move your hips.

Let your mind melt into your sensuality. Touch your hips, touch your thighs, touch your butt. Feel your body. Let any emotions that keep you stuck just melt away.

When you move your hips with mindfulness you turn off the mind chatter. You activate your inner radiance. You ignite your feminine essence.

You create more ease, more light, more joy.

And as a bonus, all of this is very, very attractive to your man.

So here’s a song to get you started.
What do you think? Are you on board?

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re willing to join this tribe of gyrating goddesses for the holidays.

Just this one simple action will slow down the madness of this time of year and allow you to be in touch with what is truly important.

Your essence and your love.

I’m so grateful for you and your beautiful radiant light! Let’s bring it out to play!