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Her ex IS her soulmate

Have you ever wondered if your ex could come back and be your soulmate? 

I’m often asked if this is possible… My answer is “Yes, but you have to energetically clear the old relationship and you both have to make big shifts for the new relationship to work”.

Jo-Ann has that exact story. Her ex is her soulmate.

She and Gerry dated and broke up several times a year before, then took time away from each other and did their own inner work.

Now they’re happily married and just celebrated their son’s first birthday. 

I just spoke with Jo-Ann on the phone. Here’s her story…


Jo-Ann & Gerry

I first met Gerry while online dating in 2013. He was just coming out of a 7 year relationship. I was a bit wary, but we had such a strong connection that I said yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We got serious right away. I met his family and friends and it seemed like all was going well.

After a few weeks, he suddenly ended things with me and went back to his ex. Then they split up, and we got back together.

Then it happened again. He and his ex kept breaking up and getting back together.

Each time he came back to me, I couldn’t resist him.

Finally I got fed up with him and told him to not contact me again. That was June of 2013.

Liesel, you and I began working together in February of 2014. I was still hung up on my past loves… I felt like at 35 it was too late for me to find a partner and have a children… I felt pressure from my family to be married… and I had a lot of limiting beliefs about myself and my ability to have a loving relationship.

After we’d been working together about a month, we had shifted most of the limiting beliefs, and I remember we energetically cleared Gerry at the end of March.

Then literally a week later he reached out to me on Facebook to wish me a happy birthday. I hadn’t had any contact with him in nearly a year.

You and I had a big session on clearing the anger I had toward him and forgiving him.

Gerry and I messaged each other a lot for a few days, and then I met with him briefly. It was very intense. We hugged for ten minutes. The chemistry was so strong – I felt really confused about it.

He apologized for his past actions and implied that he wanted to be with me again.

When I went back to work, my colleague said I looked flustered and asked what I’d been doing. I said “I just went to see my future husband”. I find it funny now that I said that – I guess I knew even then.

It turns out he’d been doing his inner work too, going to counseling and yoga. During a meditation at the end of a yoga class, the teacher was talking about peace, and he said my face came into his mind.

He started crying, because he realized what he had lost.

I went away to New York, and he asked if he could be in touch while I was away. We skyped every other day. I was exploring what it was like to be friends with him, and I could tell he wanted more.

At that point you and I were finishing up our work together. I felt really confident, full of energy, and I didn’t feel the need to be with anyone.

Then the day that you and I had our last session together, Gerry and I went out to dinner. We had a great chat about where we were at in our lives. Some not so nice things were said because they had to come out, and I felt very relieved once they were said.

He expressed that his intentions were to show me that he had become a better man, and he wanted to ask me to let him do that.

He said while he had an end goal of possibly having a future with me, he understood that I didn’t want to rush things because of his past actions. And that he would take that time to also continue mending himself while ‘looking after me’, until we were both more ready.

I remember thinking this shit really works!

I finished the last session with you, and the next day someone knocks on the door – what timing!

We continued to spend time together and talked a bit more each time.

Then I went to Mauritius for a cousin’s wedding, and I thought about him a lot while I was there. When I came back he asked me if I would date him. I said yes, but I was really clear that I was not his girlfriend.

He needed to win me over.

He took me on nice dates. Made time for me. Showed me how special I was to him. I could tell that he was really committed to me this time.

So in July when he asked me to be his girlfriend I said jokingly “I think I’m ready now”. We made a serious commitment to each other and let our families know that we were together.

Then a couple of months later I started feeling really tired and nauseous.

It turns out I was pregnant!

And when we did the calculations we discovered that we conceived on the exact day that I agreed to be his girlfriend.

We were both really excited and happy about the pregnancy. We moved in together and began to plan our life.

In some ways it was challenging, because I had to let go of what I thought my life was supposed to look like. It was like I was doing everything backwards. Plus I had to deal with my parent’s disappointment in me being pregnant and unmarried.

In January, we went away for a baby moon to Hunter Valley in New South Wales. We were in a romantic restaurant and Gerry dropped his napkin. When I looked down to see what he was doing he was on one knee (with the most perfect ring!), and he asked me to be his wife.

We had a civil wedding followed by a beautiful lunch with our closest ones.

It’s incredible how our lives have evolved –  12 months before we hadn’t even resumed speaking yet. And then a year later we’re so in love, happily married, and waiting to welcome our baby to this world.

Our first year of being married was challenging, as we were learning how to be newlyweds and new parents at the same time. But the love was always there, and Gerry was solid even when I was having hard times.

Now our son is sleeping through the night and everything is so much better.

Gerry is so affectionate with me and with our son. That’s so important to me because my parents weren’t so affectionate.

The way Gerry and Giovanni look at me  – no one has ever looked at me like this. No one has ever loved me as much as these two do.

We’re making plans to buy a bigger house for our family, and I’m feeling relaxed, trusting and excited about the future.


What do you think of this story? If your ex came back a changed man, would you take him back?