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What does real love look like?

In today’s You & Me on Love I answer the question, “What does real love look like? And how do you know?”

In my opinion there’s no way to quantify real love. It’s a unique experience for each person. I can, however, share with you what it felt like for me when I fell in love with my husband and soulmate, Craig (we’ve been happily married for 11 years). It was a very different feeling to when I’d fallen in love in the past.

My earlier loves felt like real love at the time, but they also had a feeling of franticness to them. Incredibly excited, calling everyone I knew to tell them about it. Almost hyper and anxious in my feeling of it.

With Craig it was completely different. I felt calm and relaxed. I felt completely myself with him and I actually didn’t go telling everyone about it. It felt like something sacred to keep close and nurture. And for the first time I didn’t fantasize about our future right away. I felt completely in the present moment and at ease.

It felt like coming home.

Many of my clients have shared this same experience upon meeting their true love. That there’s a groundedness and centered feeling that comes when they’re together.

Watch this short video to hear my experience of 2 different kinds of love. And I’d love to hear your comments below!