The Energetic Matchmaker, Liesel Rigsby
Learn 5 essential tools to making space for love.

A simple tool to be more magnetic to a man

After the last You & Me on Love on “What to do when he pulls away?”, I decided to share a little more on this topic. In addition to spending more time with you and letting go of the ‘neediness’ that sometimes comes up when he pulls away, it’s important to energetically separate as well. When he feels you calling your energy and confidence back to yourself, he’ll start to feel more drawn to you (if he’s the right man for you!)

Be Magnetic to a Man

Watch this quick video for a powerful yet simple tool to be more magnetic to a man when it feels like he’s pulling away.

It’s a tool that has made a huge impact in my marriage. My husband Craig and I use it all the time to increase our connection to one another. And it’s great for increasing sexual chemistry as well!

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