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How to find love again

When I was 29, I was sure I would never find love again. The man I thought was my soulmate, the one who I was planning on spending the rest of my life with, had just walked out the door. And there I was sitting alone in a hotel room in Los Angeles, crying so hard I thought it would never stop. I was completely devastated.

And to top it all off, there were 2 parts to my devastation.

Losing him.

And the belief that I was losing love forever.

You see I thought I only had one chance at a deep, soul connected love.

When Rhett and I looked into each other’s eyes, it felt like we could see into our souls. We could energetically feel each other across hundreds of miles. It felt like we had known each ​other for lifetimes.

When he walked out that door, I knew that I would never experience ​that kind of soul connection again.

But I did.

Exactly 3 years from the day I met Rhett, I went on my first date with my husband Craig. (I’m still wondering about the magic around Memorial Day for me.)

What matters is what I did in those years in between. I had created a HUGE limiting belief in that moment of heart break. The belief that Rhett was the ONLY one for me and that I would NEVER find another love like that.

Add that to all of the other limiting beliefs I’d created throughout my childhood and I was sitting in a pile of energetic blocks to love!

If I hadn’t become conscious of those beliefs and worked to clear them, I may still be waiting for Rhett to this day…

Watch this short video for step one in finding love again after a heart break. It’ll just take a couple of minutes and it will start you on your journey to the love that you’re heart is yearning for.

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