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A Letting Go Love Story

I received this letting go Love Story via email from a former client of mine – it’s all about letting go of what’s not serving you to get what you truly want. She broke up with her boyfriend because he couldn’t commit.

Within a year they were happily married! Read on for details.

She’s a bit shy about sharing personal details online so we don’t get to see their faces in the wedding pics, but they were gorgeous!


I first got involved with Liesel and her work several years ago, on a friend’s recommendation. I signed up for Healing Your Heart, and subsequently enrolled in Soulmate School. After Soulmate School, I did a few rounds of private sessions, which were very profound.

During the time we worked together, I met a guy I thought might be a good partner for me, and Liesel helped me navigate the early stages of the relationship. Despite the deep friendship I had with this man, early on in our romantic relationship I struggled with a lack of affection and compliments from him. He also had a hard time sharing his vulnerability.

Through lots of communication and just plain time (he needed to move through his dad’s death, and feel comfortable in our relationship), the quality of our relationship grew so much. We were both in love with each other, and I started hinting around (okay, blatantly asking, lol) about marriage and future plans.

Unfortunately, despite our growing relationship, he still felt no where near ready to get engaged, and instead he asked me to move in with him. My friends thought it would be a good idea (take baby steps so he would be more comfortable with engagement and marriage), and I started to think that maybe I should.

But I listened to my heart and intuition, and came to realize it was not the right step for me. (I credit Soulmate School and Liesel for helping me learn how to hear, and more importantly, listen to, that inner voice.) So sadly we went our separate ways, and I completely let go of him.

I took my energy off of him and wished him well and felt ready, after two years, to let this non-committal man go.

I actually got excited about the prospect of dating! And met a few cute guys, and really began to move on. I really began to trust that I would meet someone who wanted the same future as I did, and I felt safe and content in that belief.

Well of course you know what happens when you take energy off someone who you have focused on for years…. they feel it!

In our months apart he did some major soul searching, and…

He realized the thought of living without me was way scarier than the prospect of engagement and marriage.

He asked me for another chance, and said he was ready to put a ring on my finger and get on with our future!

After asking my dad for my hand in marriage, he asked me to marry him in a super sweet, mellow way, that was perfect for us. He picked out the most gorgeous ring that is so perfectly me, all by himself, which means so much to me, knowing he knows who I am and what I like. We moved in together a couple months after we got engaged, and the transition has been pretty seamless.

When I first started working with Liesel, I truly believed in my heart that I wouldn’t ever be “chosen”… and that has been my struggle over all of these years.

I feel like through our time working together I was able to shift many of the beliefs I had about myself, men, and relationships. And even though we haven’t had any sessions for a couple of years, I feel like those shifts ran deep, and stayed with me.

More importantly, I never wavered in what I wanted from a relationship, and in wanting to be married.

And I’m proud of myself that I stood my ground, even though there were moments that really hurt (i.e. breaking up with him and coming to terms with being single again.) Those moments hurt less knowing that I was being true to myself and honoring my intuition.

Now, I’m trying to figure out who I am without the struggle of not being chosen.

Because I have been chosen, and it’s been so, so cathartic. I have felt a profound healing from that. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I found a man with “the sparkle” that I craved (wit, humor, “getting it” like he does), and a man who isn’t controlling, and lets me be me without jealousy or weirdness. And the fact that he wants to create a life together in Santa Barbara, where I want to be.

Our relationship is far from perfect, and I still struggle at times with his lack of verbal affirmation, but the skills I learned from Liesel help me deal with our issues, which are just a small part of an otherwise happy and healthy relationship.

What’s awesome is that Liesel records every session, so when I’m struggling I can go back and listen to some of our past work. Those sessions bring me back down to reality, and remind me that so much of my anxiety has nothing to do with my fiancé. Thank you Liesel for your amazing gifts and intuition. I’m so happy I met you and got the chance to work with you.


Update – their wedding was this past Spring and they’re enjoying married life in their hometown of Santa Barbara, CA.