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Annette and Scott’s Love Story

Here’s another beautiful Love Story to share with you. Annette recently shared this story in her own words about finding love and getting married for the first time at age 53.

When I hit my mid 40’s, I started to “thaw out”.

My journey to “frozen” started in my early 30’s when I suppressed most of my feelings and chose a life of celibacy, choosing to wait on God’s timing for a life partner. Adding to my apathy, my sister passed away after a 6 year battle with cancer.

Around 46, when I started to feel again, I decided it was finally time to open myself up to love and consider what might be possible, but was so naive, not having dated for over a decade.

I had so much to learn about love and relationships. I got so used to being alone I wasn’t sure I knew how to be in a relationship anymore.

That’s when I met you, Liesel.

You helped me sort through it all to find my way.

You helped me peel back the layers of who I thought I was, the beliefs I held about who I had to be, so that I could get to my true self.

I went through a deep phase of transformation and inner growth. I wanted to show up authentically in the world, for myself, and in my relationships.

One of the biggest shifts for me was letting go of my attachment to the outcome, which for me was an extraordinary relationship to an extraordinary man.

You asked me to practice accepting my life as a single woman and learning to be okay with it. It was one of the hardest practices we worked on.

But I did it and I finally got to a place where I knew I’d be OK with being single and that made all of the difference.

The wrong type of guy

I had always been interested in physically attractive, confident and self-absorbed men.

Looking back I realized I had a type: narcissistic.

I was looking for a spiritual, emotional, and mental connection – but I always ended up with only a physical connection.

The moment we met

I met Scott online in August of 2014.

At that time he had almost given up hope on dating. He had a rule to not reach out more than once to women, as the lack of responsiveness had left him a bit jaded.

But then he saw my picture and messaged me.

The funny thing is, I didn’t respond right away. Work was busy at the time and I hadn’t checked my messages recently.

I was the exception.

He broke his rule and messaged me a second time.

He told me that he felt and saw my heart in my photos. He said “there was something about your pictures that I kept coming back to” – and they were professional photos, so not revealing or alluring at all!

Once I responded we began talking. Soon we were chatting on the phone for 3 or 4 hours at a time.

We took time to learn about each other’s hearts and minds before we met in person, and it was the best choice we could have made. It helped me to break my pattern of just being attracted to the physical first.

In mid-September, when we finally met in person he was a perfect 10 to me because I had gotten to know his heart. We met for drinks, and I’ll never forget the huge smile on his face when he saw me for the first time.

Our connection was electric and I felt so close to him.

I love hearing him tell the story of the night we met because he still remembers exactly what I was wearing that night and how he felt.

We had our first kiss in the bar that night and it was wonderful. My desire has always been to be loved and cherished, and I finally found a man that made me feel that way.

But it wasn’t happily ever after just yet

I had done a lot of inner work before we met. However he had some trauma to work through from being in the military and a challenging childhood. I would do or say something that triggered him and he’d walk away. We broke up a few times.

Early on he thought he was ready for a relationship, but realized he wasn’t even though he’d met the “woman of his dreams”.

It was so hard, but I had to let it go and know that if it was meant to be we would come back together.

After the last break up and once we went our separate ways, he told me that he felt like he had lost me. He realized it was time for him to do some inner work and heal, so he sought help to work through some of his trauma.


Each time we broke up and got back together, the foundation we were building got stronger. We both had grown and we knew how special our connection was. In 2016 we reconnected for the last time.

We started slowly as friends, because we knew how important it was to do this the right way. As time passed we move back into a romantic zone and it was smooth sailing from that point forward with lots of fun and play.

He told me then that this felt like the first time he had truly been in love.

This reconnection was different because he had begun his healing process and grown in our time apart – something he had never taken the time to do before. It felt real.

He proposed

We had been talking about spending our life together. Neither of us could imagine a life without the other, so we started looking at rings.

We went to a nice restaurant and sat at by the window. While I was looking out the window, I noticed a shoe store named Sole Desire, which was the exact name of a shoe store my sister owned. When I turned back to share with him, he had snuck the ring box onto the table.

How apropos to feel this connection with my sister AND to finally have found my soul’s desire. With the ring of my dreams sitting there in front of me, and tears in his eyes he told me,

“You would make me the happiest man in the world if you would be my wife.”

That was December 23, 2016.

On 7/7/17 at 7:00 pm we got married

It was in a beautiful winery – a perfect setting, simple but elegant.

I never thought it would happen to me, I would look at my friends and ask God “Why aren’t you answering my prayers when you know the desire of my heart?”

But now I see that the journey was worth the wait and that everything leading up to that moment gave me time to become the best version of myself.

Now I have an amazing husband that thinks I’m the sexiest, most amazing woman in the world. And it feels divine to be appreciated and admired the same way that I admire him.

For the first time in my life I feel like I am loved completely at my best and at my worst.

Whether I’m in my pajamas or a beautiful dress it doesn’t matter. His response is always the same: “You are so beautiful.”

We both feel like the luckiest people in the world to be with each other, and I’m so thankful every day that I get to wake up next to him.

My journey has helped me learn not to get caught up in comparing myself to other people. I learned to trust in my own journey and have no attachment to the outcome.

To love myself first and trust that whatever happens I am okay.

In making that space for possibility, I created the perfect opportunity for love.

I always said I wanted an extraordinary relationship with an amazing man. Now I’m married to my best friend, and I couldn’t be happier. Everyday is truly a gift.

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