The Energetic Matchmaker, Liesel Rigsby
Learn 5 essential tools to making space for love.

How to love your body

If you’re like most women you could use some tips on how to love your body more. In fact one study showed that 80% of all American women are dissatisfied with their appearance. 80% of women don’t like their body!

And yet when I talk to men about women one of the things they share with me is that a woman’s confidence level makes a huge difference in their attraction factor. So if a woman feels insecure – no matter what her body looks like – she is less attractive to quality men.

So let’s start with that. Let’s let go of the focus on changing the parts of our bodies we don’t like and focus on loving our bodies right here, right now.

How to love your body

Here’s a simple tip to increase your love for your body a more and more every day.

Try it out and let me know what comes up for you. It takes 2 weeks to form a habit. Can you commit to doing this for 2 weeks? See the magic that unfolds when you do!