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A Surprise Love Story


I opened my inbox the other day to find this sweet love story that lit my heart up. I thought it might do the same for you.

(shared with permission of course)
Dear Liesel,

As I begin to reflect on 2015 I am reminded that it was one year ago that I began my journey with Soulmate School.

A dear friend of mine gifted me your program because it had made such a profound difference in her life.

I am a true believer in the adage ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’, so I knew I was ready for your guidance.

I began with eager enthusiasm and, as with any truly worthwhile endeavor…

I soon came face to face with the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that were holding me back; the things I clung to for security simply because they were familiar yet I knew in my heart, were keeping me from attracting what I deeply desired.

I remember texting my friend and telling her “Soulmate School is kicking my ass!!”

I resisted the knowledge and the lessons that tapped on my intuition reminding me of my worthiness.

My ego tried to bargain its way out as it had successfully done so many times before.

I cried and cried as I realized letting go of a relationship that was not serving me well (and had not for a very long time) was the only way to move forward.

It was simultaneously painful and liberating to recognize the patterns and hear confirmation of what my heart had been trying to tell me for so long.

I took the course twice.

The first time full of resistance and resignation, the second time full of determination and resolve.

It took time to break my old patterns of behavior, but I could feel the internal shifts taking place and my intention became clearer and clearer.

Last Spring, a few months after completing the course, I finally began feeling a sense of joy and fulfillment with my life, even though I did not have the romantic relationship I desired.

I was single but fully enjoying my friends, my children, my work and my family.

I felt gratitude for SO MANY aspects of my life and for the FIRST TIME EVER, I KNEW I would be okay even if ‘the man’ never showed up.

I ultimately desired a romantic partner but I felt full and happy with my life and was truly content being single.

The desperation was gone.

Now, I could end the story there, but I would be leaving out the second best part…

In late May 2015 I was at an annual meeting for my company and had a conversation with a colleague of mine whom I had known for, get this, 16 years…

We chatted about children, family, the perils of online dating, etc. (we both happened to be single) and parted company after about 30 minutes.

The conversation stuck with me for several weeks and after a great deal of soul searching, I got up the nerve to ask him out for drinks (I correctly ascertained that he would not ask me out because he thought I was out of his league… but that’s another story).

Here is the fun part – I was interested in him. The more we talked, the more I liked him and the more I thought about pursuing a relationship with him, but I did not feel desperate in any way!

I did not alter my persona, bargain for time, or do any of the weird shit I normally would have done with a man that I liked. I let things unfold slowly. I paid attention to his actions more than his words.

I followed my heart closely and did not lay my happiness in his lap. I found a way to both open my heart and protect it at the same time by being clear about my boundaries.

I will not lie, it was very scary and I felt so vulnerable, but I also felt SO grounded.

Here we are, 7 months later, and I can honestly say I am in the best relationship of my life!

I love this man so completely and I adore how he loves me in return.

We are both amazed at how ‘easy’ it is to be with each other; no drama, no pretense, and no games. For the first time I feel like myself in a relationship and it feels fantastic!

It’s easy to look back on past relationships and think ‘what was I thinking?’ but I know I needed those lessons to get where I am today, and I would not trade this place for the world.

Best of all, I know I attracted this relationship based on the clarity and conviction of my relationship with MYSELF.

So thank you Liesel! Thank you for sharing your journey, your gifts and your talent with the world to help light the path for the rest of us.

Happily yours,
Shea and Tom


I love this pic, Shea’s story and the beautiful way she shared it! Don’t you?

Hope this love story made your day like it did mine!

Love and Light,