The Energetic Matchmaker, Liesel Rigsby
Learn 5 essential tools to making space for love.

Why you can’t find love

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you can’t find love? Like you are literally repelling men? Or at least the ones that you want to attract? While the ones who are showing up don’t interest you at all?

This is a more common pattern than you’d think and I share one reason why in today’s You & Me on Love.

Your heart may be blocking love without you even knowing it. We all have  energetic protection around our hearts that was built from past wounds, traumas, and heart breaks. And this wall around your heart is trying to keep you from getting hurt again. The problem is that it also can do a great job of keeping real love out. Especially if you’ve fallen in love and been hurt as a result.

One pattern that I see over and over is women unconsciously attracting men into their lives who they aren’t really into and so there is no risk of letting down the walls and getting hurt. While the men who could be for right for you just don’t seem to be interested.

This could be your heart keeping the ‘good ones’ at bay so you don’t risk getting  another broken heart.

Watch this short video for the first step in letting the wall around your heart open to the right guy.

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I’d love to hear what the wall around your heart looks like. It can really help to describe it, please share.