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Expand Your Heart

There’s nothing like being witnessed by a circle of women that you trust to expand your heart.

This past weekend I spent 3 days in retreat with women that I love dearly doing exactly this – witnessing them, being witnessed and opening my heart.

I joined this circle of 7 women 7 years ago and it’s been one of the greatest gifts of my life.

People often ask me what we do in my women’s circle. So here’s a quick run down of how it opens my heart.

We meet once a month on a Saturday evening. We share some food and then we sit in a circle. Each month a different woman leads and she guides us in an opening meditation.  Then each woman takes her turn (usually about 10 minutes) speaking what is in her heart. The rest of us give her our full and complete attention.

We don’t speak. We don’t give her feedback. We don’t try to fix anything.

We witness her. We hold space for her. We hear her.

It’s such a healing experience to be heard and seen in this way. And it completely expands my heart.

When I expand my heart, I connect with a deeper sense of love and trust within myself.

And it’s really clear to me that when I connect with that love and trust, time and time again I attract more loving situations and people into my life. Like these 7 women who hold my heart so tenderly.

So I want to share this Heart Expansion Meditation with you.

To help you expand your own heart. To experience more joy. To attract more love and connection into your life.

Practice it often. Feel the results. Take that feeling out into your life with you. Share your expanded heart with those you love.

Enjoy the meditation!

And let me know how you feel afterwards in the comments below. I’d love to be a witness for you.