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Corinna and Holger’s Love Story

Corinna and Holger love story

Here’s Corinna’s Love Story told in her own words:

Before I found Soulmate School, I was at a very low point in my life.

I had been separated from the man I thought was the love of my life for 1.5 years. I had just gotten back on dating scene and had a bunch of unpleasant experiences.

The men I met either rejected me completely, or they were creepy and got too close too fast. It really made me miss my ex even more. I was really at an extreme low point.

In fact there was this one guy I had met only twice, and I felt totally in love with him. Then he rejected me. It seems almost ridiculous when I look back on it now.

I had no healthy sense of what a real relationship looked like.

I was sure that a great relationship was not going to happen for me.

I was too weird, too ugly.

Then in April 2016 I read an article on Conscious Life News  that you had written and it was there that I heard about Soulmate School. It was very clear to me that this is what I needed to do.

Soulmate School really shifted my beliefs around myself which was new for me.

I had deep limiting beliefs of being different from everyone else, of not fitting in.

I didn’t feel like I would ever find someone that I would be truly happy with. I thought for sure it would have to be a compromise.

I honestly hadn’t put much hope in Soulmate School, it felt more like a desperate measure, so I was really surprised when all of these beliefs changed… and they changed really fast!

I also learned a lot about being in female energy and being aware of the differences between masculine and feminine which was a new concept for me.

Learning that a truly masculine man is looking for a feminine woman was truly a game changer.

I grew up with old school feminism where being feminine felt old fashioned and wrong. I was the typical hard working woman, but something about me put off a lot of people. I had a masculine energy that I didn’t know about.

Soulmate School softened me and made me more clear. I learned to be in my own feminine energy and shift those old limiting beliefs about myself.

After Soulmate School I found that in general people were more open to me. I met a bunch of new people. I was invited to parties and events.

Something shifted in my whole life after the course – it was really interesting to see.

I did some one on ones with Liesel after the course, and just before our last call is when I met Holger.

It was Oktoberfest in Munich, and a friend and I decided to go out for just one beer. We ended up at this table with a bunch of really nice people, and so we stayed longer.

The tent closed down and everyone had to leave. All of a sudden Holger was there standing in front of me – we had been at the same table all night, but I hadn’t noticed him.

He said he’d been drawn to me because he heard me speaking in my native accent which was the same as his.

We all agreed to go with a bunch of people to another place, but then he said “I’ve had too much to drink, I’m going home.” Before he left he asked for my number.

10 minutes later I had a text from him.

We started texting every day – this went on for several months. We told each other our stories and got to know one another. We discovered that we’d both lived in the UK for 2 years at around the same time, and that we had a lot of things in common.

It was about 2 months later that we met up again.

He was heading out of town and asked me to meet him for a coffee at the airport. It was a bit strange because we’d only met in person for 15 minutes the first time, and we’d been texting so intensely.

We both were a bit shy but we felt a connection.

Then we went out for a drink when he got back.

We met for drinks and dinner for a few months without kissing each other. This was really unusual for me.

There was an attraction there, but neither of us wanted to ruin it somehow. We were just being very careful.

Then one night in January after a nice dinner and drinks, he said something about kissing a woman, and I said “why don’t you stop talking about it and just do it”.

So he did!

From that point on things moved very fast, and we were in a committed relationship.

He makes me feel safe and really happy. I feel really at ease with him – really present. And I can totally be myself and show my vulnerable side which is new for me.

The relationship is respectful and passionate at the same time – it’s such a beautiful mix.

I remember going back through my notebook from Soulmate School. In one of the exercises I wrote down the qualities I wanted in relationship.

I was totally amazed to go back and see, ‘wow! this really happened for me’.

We love to travel together – we went hiking in Patagonia last year and are planning another big trip for next year. We both like to do our own hobbies, but also do things together. We spend a lot of time outdoors cycling and hiking and stuff, but we like to go to concerts and parties too.

I also find it amazing that, even though he’s not into energy work himself, he totally respects my interest in it.

We once had a conversation about how he sees life and relationship, and I said “it sounds like you did Soulmate School as well”.  He values each person being in their wholeness and coming together from that place.

One of my favorite things is he writes me love emails and texts which are really beautiful.

For example today I was at work and had a shitty day, and then looked at my phone and there was a message from him saying how much he loves to be with me and how happy he is.

He tells me he loves me all the time.

Even though I’m very successful in my work life, he’s not threatened by it at all. He totally supports me in my career.

And there’s one more thing I want to share. After Soulmate School and the work we did together my career skyrocketed and I was promoted.

This work is not just about this one aspect in your life, it changes everything if you really go for it.

It’s all unfolding beautifully I must say.


UPDATE: in the time since I spoke to Corinna for this Love Story, she just wrote to me to tell me she and Holger got engaged!

Here’s one more photo of them celebrating their Oktoberfest anniversary.