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Janeen and Jeff’s Love Story

Here’s another beautiful Love Story to share with you. I recently spoke with Janeen from her home in Florida and she shared her love story with me. I’ve even included an audio clip so you can hear from her directly. Enjoy!

Before you and I met I was in a pretty dark time of my life with relationships and men. I obviously didn’t love or respect myself, because I was meeting men who used me or didn’t respect me.

I didn’t really know how to love or have a healthy partnership.

My parents were a horrible example of a partnership, marriage, love. That’s all I knew, and I knew I didn’t want that. So I avoided it by dating guys who would just come and go. Looking back now, I was petrified of ending up like my parents.

My dear friend Elizabeth suggested I work with you. Through Soulmate School, group coaching, and one on one with you, I learned so much about myself and my patterns. I began to love myself for the first time in my life!


Then after our work together, I had one last challenging relationship with a guy named Marcel, but I learned so much through that. (And he eventually led me to my husband Jeff!)

The work with you taught me that I’m always learning from my experiences, even if they are negative and toxic.

In that relationship with Marcel, I found an ultimate truth in myself – the truth that I am worthy of all of the things I want.

I was used to being abused in relationship, but I had gotten to a point where I just couldn’t settle anymore.

I went through all of the emotions and came back to the meditations and writing from Soulmate School. And I came back to my truth. I knew I couldn’t stay in this relationship. I was letting myself down and everyone else who loves me.

Then it was like everything aligned.

I was a force that could not be stopped. In every sense – in my career, my independence, and where I was with love and men.

I got to a place of being totally happy with living this life. Working hard and traveling, keeping my distance from my family and just doing me.

And in that moment of acceptance in walks my husband.


I actually met Jeff because he was in Marcel’s circle of friends. I would run into him at BBQ’s or a concert, and I was always always drawn to him. I had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend but we’d always find ourselves away from the crowd talking, and he always made me laugh. We casually ran into each other every so often over a 2 year period.

I told my friend at one point that if he were ever single, I’d love to date him.

I saw him one night at a concert and he told me he had moved in with his girlfriend, they were trying to have a baby. I went home that night and was like, ‘damn, he’s really gone’.

Turns out he was seeing a therapist and the therapist asked him if he really saw himself marrying this woman and spending his life with her. Jeff got really clear that the answer was no and he broke up with her 3 days after I saw him at the concert.

That was in mid August, and in mid September my friend Erin texted me and said “guess who’s single and back on the market?”.

I showed up where I knew he would be one night, and the connection was totally there between us.

The energy was crazy between us, but we agreed to just be friends because he’d just had a breakup.

I was looking for a roommate and asked him to come check out my place. He came by the following Saturday and.. he never left.

We were legitimate roommates for about a month. We had feelings for each other and talked about it openly, but wanted to make sure he had time to get over his ex. We agreed that if we still felt this way by New Years we’d go for it and date.


I invited him to go to the Keys with me for a few days, and when we got there there was literally only one room left with a king size bed. And we were like ‘it’s ok we can put pillows between us’.

We went down to the bar and were talking – we’ve always really shared our hearts – it’s so awesome. He was speaking to how he loved being there with me.

And this is a moment in life that I’ll never forget, because I really spoke to what I wanted, what I deserved, and my truth.

I’d never spoken this way to a man that I was over the moon for. I had always been afraid to ask for what I wanted.

I said, “I know this is something great. I feel it. I know it”.

I just knew he was it.

I don’t even know how to describe what the feeling is. Everyone always told me all those years, when you know it you’ll know it, and I never believed it.

I was looking him in the eyes and I said,

“I’ll wait because this is something that’s really great you’re worth it and I’m worth it. And I want a 150% because that’s what I’m going to give every day and I won’t settle for anything less.

So when you’re ready to give me all that and all of you and be in this to win it let’s do it”.

And he looked and me and said, “I’m ready. I’m in, let’s do it!”.

Two weeks later he asked me to marry him.

(listen to Janeen tell this part below)

We got married 6 weeks later at sunset on 12/13/14.

The day I married him was one of the best days of my life. I’ve never been so happy.

I know he loves me unconditionally and he’ll never leave me, and I’m never going to leave him. It’s not like we don’t have problems and challenges sometimes – that’s real. That’s marriage.

AND it’s awesome to know that you have someone who has your back, forever.

It’s so amazing.

I love him so much. He’s my best friend. We laugh all the time. We really do – we laugh all of the time.


I was so glad that I didn’t get married for the first time until I was 37. I had such an amazing life before – all of the experiences, the travel and adventure. I was an independent gypsy of sorts for so long. Now there’s really nothing I have left to do that I don’t want to do without him.

Getting married later in life feels like a gift, because I got the best of both worlds. A lot of my friends who got married in their 20’s are getting divorced now because they didn’t get to have that time with themselves first.

I’ve kept a list in my journal of what I wanted in a man. The first thing is ‘he will make me laugh’ and he does, all the time.


It’s such an amazing feeling to be loved unconditionally.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before Jeff. Love was always conditional, especially growing up.

My husband accepts me for who I am and loves me completely. I don’t have to have any false pretenses. We are so honest with each other. I know I trust him 150%.

It’s such a huge change from not ever being able to trust men before.

This unconditional love is the greatest gift I could ever receive.