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A 2020 Love Story

I received a series of wonderful emails in the past couple of months from a former client of mine, Laurie. Her 2020 Love Story is inspiring, especially given the timing of last year. Laurie is a successful, intelligent 62 year old woman and this is her first marriage. Here is the story in her own words.

2020 Love Story

Well….  The man of my dreams is now in my life!  

About a year ago, I joined Match with a girlfriend and we supported each other through the processes and the ups and downs…   early this year, we both met amazing matches.    

John has been in my life since Feb 4, we moved to a new home in July after quarantining together before that.  He is an awesome fit – spiritually, intellectually, values-wise, chemistry, lifestyle, moods and humor.  He loves taking care of the house and keeping the kitchen stocked, and he’s a great co-chef – we love cooking together.  

I think of you often and am so grateful to you for the many tools and techniques, gifts and skills, your huge and loving heart – the journeying and healing you brought to my life.   Thank you, Liesel

I asked her how they met and she wrote back:

Thanks for asking!   Our first date was in my favorite spot on the lake at Carillon Pt   He arrived a few minutes late and held my hand and looked into my eyes and charmed me!   I told him his hands were so warm  and felt very good and he answered that he would ‘stay engaged for as long as I like’. 

We sat and drank tea for 4 hours and shared stories of world travel and spiritual interests, and more.   We both studied 4-Winds shamanic work around the same time (2008) and he also studied Hawaiian shamanism.   That connection was really significant to me.  I’d never expected to find a spiritual partner who was well balanced and John has a long career in finance so we are also connected on that big topic.  And he has a regular meditation and yoga practice so he’s amazingly strong and centered.  At the end, of the date, I was waiting at the front for him to come from the men’s room.   He quietly appeared behind me and stood close enough that I could feel his energy and it really kind of stopped my heart for a minute.  

On our second date, we met near his place on South Lake Union to take a long walk around Seattle –  Amazon Spheres, market, waterfront, sculpture park, a stop for lunch, etc.  It was a 10 hour walking and talking day ending in his condo looking out over Lake Union in the night lights. I was totally charmed!  

His profile indicated that he was looking for potential exclusivity but not immediate.  He was actually in a 3 month Match relationship that he wasn’t ready to end but wasn’t convinced enough to make permanent.   We had 4-5 dates of walking and talking and a bit of snuggling. 

I was certain that I was looking for exclusivity and permanence and really did not want to begin intimacy with someone who wasn’t exclusive.   It became a real sticking point –  he was saying that he shouldn’t end something that was good before he knew if the alternative was better.  We actually got to a point where I was ready to ‘test’ for him but, he made the decision to let her know their relationship was over on that day.   And the weekend was fabulous!   

We started in my new office (I’d recently moved) so that we could smudge.  He did a full shamanic blessing ritual and floored me with his skills!   Then we went home and had a bath, massage, and started our relationship.  That was February 29 – Leap Day!

Another point-  he’s been married twice, 10 years and 30 years, and wasn’t sure he wanted permanence.   He was talking about relationships ending and it being okay.  That ours would last as long as it lasts, and he might leave someday.   We had a couple of serious talks (mostly me) about being in it for the long-haul, through good and bad, learning and growing together.   The last time he repeated the statement about uncertainty, I told him very honestly that perhaps we weren’t a good fit, as sad as I was to say it.  

That hit him between the eyes and he realized that he could see and live into a commitment of permanence.   We’ve talked about marriage and he will do it but it is not important to him.  We’ve changed our asset planning in a way that, if either dies tomorrow, all goes to the other.  And we’ve signed powers of attorney so that we can speak for each other in medical emergencies.   We’ll probably get married…   maybe an elopement trip, maybe we will wait until Covid ends and allows gatherings. 

I feel incredibly blessed.  He really is all I might have dreamed for.  

Thank you again, Liesel –  it took time but good things do, don’t they!

And then on New Year’s Day I received this email culminating their 2020 love story.

We did it! We eloped! And we picked January 1, 2021 as our forever anniversary date.

What a better way to start the new year!? In true COVID style, it was a very private celebration at home, looking out over our Zen garden and including our friends the squirrels, juncos, and hummingbirds. We exchanged rings and vows and kisses, and will celebrate with family and friends when N95 masks are a thing of the past. Sharing our joy, John and Laurie

SO happy for you Laurie and John!


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