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What You Need When You’re Lost

I want to share a quick practice with you today that’s been super useful in my life, especially when I need answers. I call it Writing from Source. It’s a powerful tool to give you what you need when you’re lost. 

Here’s the practice

I sit down, drop in with this meditation, pick up my pen and journal, and ask the questions I need answers to. If I don’t have a burning question, I ask:

What is here for me now?

What does the Divine want me to know?

Then I allow my conscious mind to fade, and I open to allow the higher aspect of myself to flow through.

Sometimes I write pages and pages of inspiration.

Sometimes it’s a simple response.

Always the answers are on point and exactly what I needed to hear – even when it takes hindsight to see it. 

Bringing What You Need

I also use this practice for finding what’s next to offer and share with you. So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past year… every time I’ve sat down to write and ask:

What’s the highest and best way for me to be of service? 

The only message I’ve received for over a year is:


My response to that in the beginning was usually, “Ok great and… what else?”

Reply: Sing Sing Sing

Same response over and over again for more than a year. 

And since I’m a true believer in only bringing offerings to you from a place of inspiration, I put my practical, logical thoughts aside and stopped.

I stopped writing emails, stopped trying to figure out what was next. I listened to the calling, sat outside in nature and sang.

Fast forward a year.

Since I turned 50 in January of 2019, I’ve… joined a choir… trained to become a community song leader…. attended 3 singing retreats (one at Esalen for 5 days – magical!)… been to countless singing events…. and started leading my own monthly song circle here in Ojai.

That’s all well and good you may say, but how does that relate to relationships?

Well… since I’ve been following my guidance and doing what I love… I’m incredibly lit up.

My husband is hotter for me than ever and our sex life is flying high.

I’ve called in amazing clients who are fully aligned with my work.

I’ve made new friends that are playful, spiritual and energetic matches for me.

AND I’ve opened my throat chakra enough to finally start writing the bookthe one that’s been knocking for years, the story of my spiritual awakening as a result of my son’s death.

All that from one simple instruction: sing.

Singing brings me joy and it was exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself and my purpose.

My inner wisdom knew that.

And I’ve been around the block enough to know that my life works best when I follow that wisdom.

So here’s the practice for you to access your own inner guidance system. You can ask questions that are as simple as:

Should I go out with that guy from Bumble?

And as big as:

What am I here on the planet to do?

Drop into this meditation.

Then sit down with a pen and paper, title it Writing from Source or any other inspirational title that comes to mind.

Close your eyes, let your mind get out of the way and ask your question. 

Then allow yourself to flow. To write without thinking. Let the words move through you.

What comes through is your wisdom. Your wisdom leads you to your joy.

Your joy opens you to all the goodness life wants to bring you.

In that goodness you’ll find what you need and there will be love.

Write me back and let me know what comes through for you – I’d love to hear from your inner wise woman!

To trust and guidance!



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