The Energetic Matchmaker, Liesel Rigsby
Learn 5 essential tools to making space for love.

Secret Link to Love Free Class

Here’s the video and audio replay from the Secret Link to Love Webinar.

Your internal beliefs create your external reality. In this free class, I shared how subconscious beliefs are created and how to clear them at the energetic level.



Audio Only:

And here’s a simple pic of the EFT points for your reference.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.53.38 PM




Here’s a list of  bonuses I’m offering when you enroll in Soulmate School:

1. When you enroll in Soulmate School before midnight California time tonight (your time zone here) you’ll automatically be invited to participate in a: Private Small Group Coaching Call with me.

~ You’ll receive a powerful group healing AND individual one-on-one time to personally ask me your most burning question about love and relationship. PLUS I’ll offer the call twice to accommodate all time zones.

2. When you register before Wednesday April 27 you can Bring a Girlfriend to Soulmate School with you for FREE

~ you can give it as a gift or split the cost

3. The Essence Program – 19 tracks of audio from my Attract Your Soulmate Retreat.

~ Expires Saturday April 23 at noon PST.

4. And I’ve been known to add more bonuses along the way because really I just like to give you presents!

If Soulmate School is calling to you here’s the link to register or find out more.

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