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Resistance or Flow

Do you know when you’re in resistance and when you’re in flow? When things are hard and when they are easy?

There are two ways I can tell the difference.

The first one is my body. It’s either tight and contracted and I feel anxious OR it’s relaxed and open and I feel expansive.

The second is what’s happening in my external reality. Am I pushing and trying and thinking and ending up stuck OR am I open and connected to Spirit and watching the doors open gracefully around me.

So the key of course is how to get from one to the other.

A few weeks ago I was in a pretty stuck place with what to do next in my business. I had so many ideas and instead of moving forward with them – I was paralyzed with inaction (which is why you haven’t heard from me all summer ;).

Then I had a business Strategy Session with a girl crush of mine Danielle La Porte (if you don’t know her you’ll want to!) and in that session she really saw me.

She saw my essence, she saw my potential in my business, she saw my next steps in getting there. And in being seen, so clearly and so beautifully, I began to move out of resistance and into flow.

I left the call feeling open and expansive AND emotional and overwhelmed. I cried for several hours – the internal shift was so big. Such a relief to be in flow again. To trust and know it will all work out perfectly.

And what happened the rest of the week as a result of being in flow with the Universe and it’s plan for me was awesome!

Danielle’s first step for me was to get new professional head shots taken as part of rebranding for my website. I don’t know any professional photographers and wasn’t sure who to use or where to start.

But… as fate would have it, that very night I ended up meeting Danielle’s good friend, and co-author of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, Linda Sivertsen. We hit it off instantly and a few minutes later she’s emailing her photographer in LA who can of course get me in next week and of course can give me a friend discount.

She also happens to be an amazing book editor who’s had a hand in many of the relationship books that you and I know. And… she offers to help me birth my book. wow. The book I’ve put off writing it for so long because of the fear that it would be such a challenge to get it published. In the flow.

The next day I’m out with my amazing friend Jody and she’s getting her brows done. Wait, I need my brows done and a facial before this photo shoot. Can I get in today – right now. yup. easy.

Oh maybe I need a hair cut too. Call the stylist who’s usually booked weeks out. Can I get in this week? One opening this Monday – I’ll take it!

What am I going to wear? I need a wardrobe consult. I remember the stylist I met last month. Can she come on Tuesday to help? no problem.

It keeps going like this all week.

Hair and makeup stylist. Easy. Photo shoot. Awesome.

I’ve been wanting to add video to my website and boom Office Auto Pilot calls to see if they can do a feature on me and my business. Oh and yes I can keep the raw video footage – for free.

And it goes on… mostly with behind the scene business details. All things needed and now happening gracefully. In the flow and doors are opening.

So for me, to move from resistance to flow, took being seen in my essence, being reminded of who I really am – in the big picture. And when I remember the truth of who I am as spirit, as essence – life flows. Manifestation happens.

The same is true for you.