The Energetic Matchmaker, Liesel Rigsby
Learn 5 essential tools to making space for love.

Bring Love to Your Darkness

night sky

Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a time that’s traditionally celebrated as the return of the light. And there is no better time to bring love to any darkness that might be lurking inside of your own heart.

There’s a tendency in our culture to want to skip out on the challenging aspects of our lives. To not feel the pain from the past. To numb out on wine, sugar and Netflix.

But the thing is… if you ignore your darkness it will just come back to haunt you – literally.

When you don’t deal with the ‘shadow’ aspects of yourself, the past trauma, the heartbreaks, the limiting beliefs… then negative repercussions show up in your relationships, your health and your career.

You see, you’re constantly creating your reality through your internal vibration. And there’s no way to paint over the stuck places with positive thinking. The only way into wholeness and connection is by exploring, acknowledging and LOVING the not so pleasant parts of yourself.

Bringing love to your darkness is the fast track to joy.

AND not surprisingly, the fastest way to creating lasting love in your life is by standing your wholeness and being in connection with your full authentic (yes this includes the ugly stuff) self.

So in this Winter Solstice Meditation, I’ll share with you a powerful energetic tool to bring love to your stuck spots so you can live in wholeness, and create the life and love of your dreams!