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2017 Year of Love

Just the other day I recommitted to a powerful inward practice of mine. It’s one that I’ll be using tonight as I set up the energetics for 2017 to be a Year of Love.

I call it Writing from Source.

First, I drop in and get really connected to my essence and light.

Then I get out my journal. I title the page “Source”, and ask something like:

:: what do I need to know to create my greatest happiness?

:: how can I best be of service right now?

:: what do I need in order to heal this particular challenge in my life?

Then I write. I let it flow.

I allow the words to move through me. I don’t slow down or correct anything. I simply trust the words to reveal what I need to know.

It’s become my biggest resource for creating my life.


Here’s my invitation to you.

Listen to this New Year Meditation that I just recorded for you.

It will help you release the old and create the new from a powerful place.

It will also get you in the right frame of mind to Write from Source…

Now pull out your journal and ask the questions that are up for you.

Start writing. Don’t put your pen down. Keep going. Stay open.

Receive and trust the answers that come through.

Maybe your first question is something like “What do I need to know to create 2017 as my year of love?”

That is truly my biggest intention for you!

Sending love for your endings and beginnings,

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Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along ~ Rumi