Welcome to the Body Love Embrace course – I’m so glad you’re here!

On this page you’ll find all the information for the program. If you have any technical or support questions at all, please email my wonderful assistant, Casey, at [email protected]

1. Audio Classes – All the 75-minute sessions are listed at the bottom of this page for you to move through at your own pace. You can stream them or download them to take with you!

2. Intro Meditation – The Column of Light meditation is here on the welcome page and I’d like you to listen to it as often as you can before the course begins. It will give you a strong foundation for all of the meditations and energetic tools we’ll be using in this program. If you’ve used similar tools before I ask that you have a beginner’s mind and approach everything as if it is brand new to you. And if you are brand new to meditation and energetic tools don’t worry I’ll explain it all as we go.

3. Writing Introspection – This writing exercise is for your eyes only. The more time and thought you put into it, the more you will get out of it 🙂


4. Energy Healing – a large part of this course is the use of energy psychology or energy healing. These energetic tools will give you the ability to truly transform and change your own inner connection.  And then as the internal shifts, you can attract a loving and healthy relationship. If you missed the email sharing this interview, be sure to listen, as I speak with Lianne Schwartz a master theta healing practitioner and PhD candidate in Energy Psychology. It’s a short explanation of how and why energy healing works.


5. Integration Practices –  Each class I’ll be sharing practices for you to do at home to integrate what you’ve learned in the course. These practices are an important part of the program – it takes time and consistency to create new habits and thoughts. Please be sure to give this gift to yourself!

6. Commitment – One of the most important parts of the Body Shame Release Course is your commitment, the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it. Engage as fully as you can with all of the materials and really dive in. You’ll be glad you did!

7. Emotional Challenge – Sometimes during these types of courses old wounds or traumas can get triggered. This course is not a replacement for therapeutic support if you need it. If something really challenging comes up for you, please please get the outside support you need. You can reach out to Casey at [email protected] for openings in my practice or a list of referrals.

8. Self Kindness – A big part of this program is loving yourself so no matter where you are in the process of healing your body image be kind to yourself, allow yourself the freedom to change and have fun!

I’m so looking forward to dropping in deep on this journey with all of you!