1 – Reclaim Your Own Heart

In this lesson you are going to learn how to release the fear of judgement, how to come back to your center, how to come back to your heart, and to claim yourself and the value and the worth that you are- because this is the foundational piece for attracting your soulmate.




Reclaim Your Own Heart

You can also download the transcript of the Lesson 1 audio here:



Reference Points Meditation

Please listen to it as often as you can during this lesson. This is one of the primary energetic tools we’ll be using in Soulmate School.

If you haven’t yet, complete the writing invitations below.

Complete the following writing invitations before Lesson 2.

LR writing setting your intention LR writing shift beliefs




Be sure to watch this video on EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique at least once before the next lesson.

EFT is a powerful energetic tool using tapping on acupuncture points to shift patterns and beliefs held in the body.

**You’ll get the most from the next lesson if you are familiar with these points as we will be using this tool.