A really powerful aspect to attracting your man into your life is loving yourself like you want him to love you. It’s all about self love

I know when I was single and people would say that to me, I’d groan and say “yeah I get that I need to love myself more – but HOW?? I buy myself flowers and all, but it’s not making a difference in my love life!”

Since then, I’ve spent years cultivating self-love. I’ve tried tons of powerful practices and strategies, and I want to share my favorite simple energetic tool to help you love yourself more.

It’s just 3 minutes long and it’s a great way to start building your self love muscle.

Learning how to love yourself is like learning to play an instrument. The more you practice the easier it gets.

Self love is not something you master overnight. It’s something you recommit to each day. And the more you shower yourself with love – the more attractive you are to a loving partner.

And if you’re wanting more access to this feeling, head on over to my free meditations page. There’s a bunch of great practices there to bring you into alignment with the Divine Love that you are!

Wishing you a beautiful love-filled day!