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How to Attract a Quality Man

If you’re wondering how to attract a quality man… here are 3 simple practices and strategies to shift your energetic vibration so you can be more magnetic to a high caliber man.

And the bonus is these steps will make you happier as well!


Here are the 3 steps for attracting a quality man:

Step 1 – Get clear about what makes you happy

Quality men are attracted to happy women. And happiness is something that needs to be cultivated. So here’s a simple way to start.

Make a list of all the things that make you happy. The things that light you up. The activities that bring you joy. Maybe it’s dancing, walking in nature, singing, making art, playing with kids, making chocolate, going to yoga, meditating, or watching comedy.

Let yourself write a super long list – get creative. Think back to times in your life where you played more. What did you do?

Now check in with yourself. How often are you doing those things? Are you scheduling time in your life for play? Do you feel lit up and joyful right now?

If not – make a commitment right now to add at least 2 happiness activities in your life each week.

Step 2 – Value yourself

A quality man wants to be with a woman who knows her worth, a woman who values herself.

Check in with that inner critic. How strong is she in your life? How often do you hear that voice that says you’re not enough?

For each time you have a negative thought about yourself, replace it with 3 positive ones. See if you can make a game out of it. Be gentle with yourself in this process.

And make a list of all of the things that you do value about yourself so you have a place to grab those positive statements from.

For more on dealing with the inner critic click here.

Step 3 – Shine your radiance

Quality men are attracted to women who have connection to their own inner light. Women who shine from the inside out. Women who know how to activate their own radiance.

The fastest way to radiance and light is through meditation. Taking time to drop into that place where you can remember the truth of who you are.

Here’s a link to a free Radiance Meditation. And here’s a link to a page full of longer meditations to help you connect more with your own inner light and love.

Enjoy these 3 steps – when you practice them regularly you’ll see a difference in the way that quality men respond to you!