Clear the subconscious & energetic blocks getting in the way of finding Mr. Right.

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In just one hour you will learn…

  • the most common mistake that women make to push quality men away
  • how to clear old energetic relationship patterns that keep you stuck
  • every day actions that mistakenly put out the message that you are unavailable
  • & the 3 powerful steps you need to take right now to attract your soulmate

Love Notes

  • Liesel was able to see that I was holding energy from a prior relationship. She helped me clear it out and 2 weeks later I started seeing my beloved! We’ve been together for 2.5 years now and it just gets better and better!

    Suzanne Richardson, life coach

  • Before I met Liesel, I found myself in relationships with men who weren’t willing to commit. After having a profound healing session with Liesel, I met my husband the very next day! We just celebrated our beautiful daughter’s first birthday and we couldn’t be happier!

    Reyna Angel, aestheticlan

  • Liesel’s wisdom and guidance in Soulmate School helped me make room for a new, incredibly satisfying relationship with a guy who makes me laugh, is interested in my ideas, sings me love songs, and kisses me every day. This relationship is so much better than any I have ever had! Thank you, Liesel!

    Morgana Rae, Charmed Life Coach and Money Goddess

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Clear Your Energetic Blocks to Love

The Free Training is complete and the recording is now available

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Liesel Rigsby is known as The Energetic Matchmaker for her ability to intuitively ‘see’ what women need to shift in order to build a life of deeply fulfilling and lasting love. She is the creator of the internationally renowned Soulmate School, a six week course designed to help women fall in love with themselves and clear their energetic blocks to divine partnership. She has helped women all over the world create loving, aligned relationships.

Liesel is a gifted spiritual teacher and has a master’s degree in education from the Universtiy of California. She supports women in finding love through her online courses, public speaking, live events, and private coaching. Her passion is to help women trust their heart as their guiding force, because, as she says, “when you touch the depth of love that lives within you – anything is possible”.