February 19-21
Seattle, Washington


Ready for more love in your life? Let me teach you to tap the wisdom of your heart.

You’re naturally intuitive. It’s your greatest gift. When you learn to use it effectively you you can dramatically increase the abundance of love and connection in your life. 

We live in a fast paced, masculine, driven world and it’s easy to lose that connection. Or never have developed it in the first place. Add to that your list of disappointments, heart breaks and and challenges and it’s easy to get disconnected from your inner knowing and your heart.

Your true power as a woman comes from living in your heart and trusting your own wisdom.

You create your own life. When you know that, you gain incredible freedom. You no longer have to be a victim to circumstance or outside events. As you change your inner landscape, it WILL change your life. The key is to take time out of your everyday normal life to cultivate this connection. To build a heart centered life filled with love.

Connecting with your heart’s guidance changes who and how you love.

It changes who and what you attract into your life and how you interact with what you’re given. When you learn how to access your heart’s knowing, you have a connection to more joy, more light and more love than you could ever imagine. So if you’re ready to live in a whole new way, set aside one weekend of your life to start this journey and join me for Soulful in Seattle.

Soulful in Seattle is for you if:

  • Bullet you feel a calling for deeper connections and more intimacy in your life
  • Bullet you‘re ready to access and TRUST your inner knowing
  • Bullet your heart is yearning for soul connected love
  • Bullet you know that it’s time to make a transformational shift in how you live your life

AND you know that…

  • Bullet you may have energetic or subconscious blocks that are keeping you from fulfilling all of your dreams
  • Bullet your love life could be so much better if you could get to the bottom of what’s in the way for you
  • Bullet you need more support in learning to live guided by your intuition
  • Bullet it’s time to break down those walls and barriers that keep you separate from your inner knowing and from Love

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, if you feel truly ready to have a deeper connection to your intuition, more fulfillment in your heart, and more LOVE in your life – this is the invitation.

When you learn how to connect with your heart and it’s guidance…  to hear your own intuitive wisdom… to feel the depth of Love within yourself… then you stand in your true power as a woman and your life will change in amazing ways.

In my years of practice as an intuitive relationship coach, I’ve found that the most effective way to truly step into your wholeness is by using intuitive and energetic healing. These powerful tools will transform the way you live and the way you love.

The results can be really profound and I’m so grateful for these love notes from a few of the wonderful women who’ve experienced my work…

  • Working with Liesel is a deep and powerful experience, as she is able to go right to the core of an issue. I’ve worked with many amazing healers, and I’m blown away with how Liesel adeptly facilitates the transformational journey. The sessions are beautiful and the results are profound.

    Marci Shimoff #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No
    Reason, Love For No Reason, & Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


  • I knew something was blocking me but I didn’t understand what it was or how to get to it. The clearing of old patterns, and the awareness of that guarding around my heart made a huge difference! I met Tak right after our last call! It feels like we’ve been together for a really, really long time. It’s just so easy.

    Rachel Bers, life coach

  • I love Liesel’s energetic approach because it shifts old stuck patterns in a way that talk therapy never has. It’s been a joyful process that has helped me to gently dismantle the wall I’d built around my heart and open to a deeper emotional connection with myself and with others. And along the way I found some great new practices to enhance my feminine energy too. Working with Liesel has created profound shifts for me in releasing the past and opening to the new, making it some of the most transformational of my life.

    London, UK

  • I used to carry a lot of shame, disappointment, disconnection, and I lived in a place of almost constant self-deprecation. There has been an immense shift since taking this course. Liesel’s intuition and guidance are unparalleled. She is reassuring, compassionate, gentle, and connected. She shares lifelong tools to which I always have access, and continue to use daily. An incredible gift from an incredibly gifted woman. I am eternally grateful.

    Laura James
    Colorado, USA

In Soulful in Seattle you’ll experience

  • Bullet profound healing sessions to reconnect your body, heart and soul
  • Bullet energetic tools to help you shake up and clear out your blocks to love
  • Bullet powerful strategies to increase your intuition and inner guidance
  • Bullet how your love for yourself can improve your ALL of your relationships
  • Bullet a supportive community of like-minded women diving in deep with you

Soulful in Seattle Includes

  • Bullet two days and one evening of transformational experiences to open to inner guidance and love
  • Bullet an organic healthy lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Bullet optional yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Bullet a follow up integration call where I’ll answer your questions and make sure you’re staying on track after the event
  • Bullet a private online community to connect with the other women in the program
  • Bullet a complementary audio program of powerful energetic tools and meditations to continue your journey at home
  • Bullet self reflection writing assignments to bring clarity to what’s been hiding
  • Bullet and more goodies along the way!

This is not a weekend full of me lecturing and you passively listening.

 You will be guided, step by step, through powerful intuitive and energetic practices to drop into your heart’s wisdom and hear your own inner guidance.

Investing 2 days with me will support you in embodying a lasting shift.


So if you’re ready to have an intimate, trusting relationship with your own heart…

If you are yearning to stand in your power and finally trust your inner knowing…

If you’re ready to experience Love in a whole new way, join me for…

Soulful in Seattle

Activate your intuition and open your heart to a whole new life

February 19-21

Seattle, Washington

7:30 p.m. on Friday through 4 p.m. on Sunday

Lodging and transportation not included.

If your heart is saying YES! then please listen to her. She knows what’s she’s talking about.

This is an intimate event with a limited number of spaces and it will sell out!

Payment Option #1

Payment Option #2

A limited number of financial scholarships are available. Please email [email protected] to find out more.


Liesel Rigsby-headshot

Liesel Rigsby is known as The Energetic Matchmaker for her ability to intuitively ‘see’ what women need to shift in order to build a life of deeply fulfilling and lasting love. She is the creator of the internationally renowned Soulmate School, a six week course designed to help women fall in love with themselves and clear their energetic blocks to divine partnership. She has helped women all over the world create loving, connected relationships.

Liesel is a gifted spiritual teacher who was a college professor for many years before she decided to follow her heart and change careers. She supports women in finding love through her public speaking, online courses, live events, and private coaching.

She loves to travel, write songs and spend time in nature with her husband and daughter.

Liesel is here to help women trust their heart as their guiding force, because, as she says… “when you touch the depth of love that lives within you, anything is possible!”