Break Up with Your Love Limits

& Attract Mr. Right


Enjoy these 2 FREE trainings where we share powerful tips and tools for attracting Mr. Right into your life!

“Video” #1 

(OK so we thought we were recording a video here for you, but Mercury in Retrograde had other ideas! Enjoy the audio and our smiling faces…)

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Video #2

And on this video that we recorded last year we’ve got some doozy expressions on the screen saver! Hope you’re having a laugh at this one!


In these free videos you’ll learn

  • the most common mistake that women make to push quality men away
  • how your ex (or even a crush) may be blocking your soulmate from coming in
  • every day actions that mistakenly put out the message that you are unavailable
  • the one essential key to magnetizing your true partner
  • the 3 powerful steps you need to take right now to make space for Mr. Right

If you feel like you’re ready for more support in attracting Mr. Right,

Soulmate School begins February 23… Click here for more info and to register!


Liesel Rigsby
, The Energetic Matchmaker has helped women around the world find their perfect partner by using the exact system she used to manifest her own soulmate, her awesome husband Craig. Liesel can intuitively see what’s blocking you from calling Love into your life. In courses and private sessions, she tunes in to women’s hidden subconscious and energetic blocks. She then helps them clear these blocks so they can attract lovers who make their heart and body sing. It is her life’s work to help women around the world call in and deeply connect with their true partner. She lives half time in Bali with her husband and daughter because… there’s no better place for lovers than ‘the heart of the planet’. To learn more, visit

Krista Jane spends her days inspiring, kicking butt and (gently) pushing people into lives of passion and purpose. She’s highly intuitive and  has a sneaky little way of highlighting your limiting beliefs and shifting them. She’s helped people quit their jobs, launch their own companies, release old pain, say goodbye to anxiety and live lives they love. And she loves every.single.second of it. How does her magic manifest? She co-founded ‘The Power of You’ fundraisers and runs her own global retreats: ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and ‘Passion + Power + Purpose’. She also offers one-on-one, change-your-life power hours called Soul Sessions. These are 60 minutes devoted to intuition, inspiration and expanding to fill your powerful potential. They’re one of her most popular offerings!

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